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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A while ago...

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Well a while ago I was over my friend's house. He's the one who made me get into guitar, he had a 1 or 2 year head start on me and I surpassed him. But that's really old news. What the big deal is when we started jamming out together.

Obviously it was sort of spur of the moment and we decided to jam out. He had an acoustic and electric. Not sure what kind of acoustic it was but the electric was some $800 Fender Stratocaster with a Cherry Sunburst and white pickguard.

I'm not sure what it was but when I started playing it I was mediocre at playing, I wasn't used to some thick body giving some thick sound. The sound was probably his amp on different settings than mine. (I play at 9.5,2,8.5 by the way.)

But aside from all the cool stuff I couldn't do, I went like pinch harmonic crazy on his guitar. And it wasn't on purpose! It was like every pinch harmonic I tried to do worked! I was so amazed! I'm not sure if I was in a good rut or something but on my Ibanez S520somethingorother it's much harder to do pinch harmonics. It's like theres only a certain "spot" for each of those different pinch harmonics. (I think there are 3 spots, ones 3 octaves higher, 4, and 5.)

But for those of you who don't know me pinch harmonics were always my weakness, there's something about playing fast and developing techniques for your left hand that made me lose technique in my right, especially after I got to the plateau of my palm muting.

But I'm concerned, especially with this: is it the guitar (Stratocaster) that made it so much easier to do a pinch harmonic or was it a rut?

Edit: I typically only have blogs that pertain to guitars so I can keep up to date with my stuff, But the only news about that is the above, the fact that I freaked out when my friend used my amp and the sound started coming in and out, (because it was just fixed.) I broke an e-string, and the fact that I applied for a teaching position at some local guitar store for intermediate (which is funny because they consider "intermediate" students who can play power chords) and lower students. They only take applications via e-mail and I'm kind of pissed off that they said nothing back to me. Probably because I'm a know-nothing high school student. Everyone who works there is in college or already graduated college.
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