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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mayhem Fest

Current mood: Too much RockStar

So to start out, I went to Mayhem Fest.

Originaly I went out to see mainly DragonForce and Mastadon. I also wanted to go see Five Finger Death Punch.

I got something better than my expectations, and some others lower, mainly Mastadon; I thought they were really good, but, turns out I like them less than I thought.

I left them after about two songs because FFDP was going on at the same time. I liked them. They were pretty good. Then my friends made me see Underoath, they were pretty good also. They lost sound mid song and kept playing until they got sound back (which they did), major kudos for that.

Then there was a lightning strike within 100 feet of us and shot out the rest of sound. Took them a few minutes but they got it back.

Also, I was surprised. The last time I went to the same location for Project Revolution there was a funny Trojan tent that you spin a giant wheel to get a free condom. They didn't have that. Instead they had a stand with 3 of the 4 main bands performing that said funny stuff like:

"Unless you can shred better than Herman Li, DON'T TOUCH THIS GUITAR!"
"Unless you have a better Austalian accent than AirBorne, DON'T TOUCH THIS GUITAR!"

Other than buying merchandise for a while, I went to see DragonForce. First off, my expectations were really low. They always get drunk before a show and if you see the DragonForce videos on YouTube, you know it, because they always SUCK live.

Well, the first song was pretty bad, I forgot the name of the song. I clenched my teeth at certain points because I knew it sounded bad, and they probably did too.

Well, the show went on, I don't know the name of the first song but they played
First Song (Maybe Black Fire)
Operation Ground and Pound
Heroes of Our Time
Valley of the Damned
Through the Fire and Flames (on expert!)
I think they sobered up during the show, because they started getting better, being the most sober on Through the Fire and Flames.

Overall, pretty good. Definitely above and beyond my expectations. My friend Sean thought that Disturbed would have a hard time showing them up. They didn't, they were incredible.

I normally don't listen to disturbed, I really only knew Stricken, and Down with the Sickness. But they were really good.

We left before SlipKnot, I'm really not a big fan of them. But we met up with someone and a plaza station and they said we didn't miss much.

A couple of other things. First, I'm sorry to my friend Sean for accidently stepping on a Ketchup packet and ruining his jeans, althought it was hilarious.

Secondly, before we went to Mayhem, we stopped by Burger King and wore the BK Crown the whole time there. And then an old lady comes up to me and asked me if there was a Burger King near by. I told her know, and she commented on my hat. I laughed my ass off.

Third, we probably stole about $70 worth of RockStar on the way out. There was just this unguarded tub of them. So me and my friends made a makeshift knapsack out of my jacket, plus the ones in our hands. I have no idea how I'm going to get rid of all of these.
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Seriously about high e-strings...

Current mood: content

I mean seriously, in the middle of band practice my high e-string pops during our break. But of all the strings I play, it's the high e.
It was probably about time, it was around 2 months old, which is considerably longer than any other brand I think. I use Elixirs, I've loved them simply because of their longevity, and they look shinier longer too.
But I mean here are the lengths of time so far on my strings:
e-one day (before it was 2 months old)
B-five months
G-five months (I change g and b together, they looked old.)
D-ten months
A-ten months
E-ten months (EAD I got when I first got the guitar)
I got to find one of those places that sell elixir high e's in bulk. I also bought a Cleartone package the 3rd last time I was at GuitarCenter. Last time on Memorial Day was cool, I got free chicken wings, hot dogs, and water, with $1 Drumsticks.
In other news, I'm putting together a package for my cousin Irvin, who lives in Bolivia. It's a guitar package. Over there in third-world countries, imported things cost HUGE amounts to buy. Low and behold a Squire Stratocaster is well above $400. So I'm putting my old Squire in a case with a little mini-amp and some 15' $8 RadioShack cord along with some $5 Ernie Ball Strings.

I showed it to my aunt (his mom) and she screamed in joy. I told her that I have three electrics, so one of these wouldn't bother me. At one point I considered giving him my Epiphone, but I have a history with that guitar, so it's going nowhere, which is why I had to bother Ryan (Wingmen's Bassist) to get my Squire back. I gave it to him before he even started playing bass.
Other than that, I'm graduating today. OH EIGHT!

Thanks for reading.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A while ago...

Current mood: confused

Well a while ago I was over my friend's house. He's the one who made me get into guitar, he had a 1 or 2 year head start on me and I surpassed him. But that's really old news. What the big deal is when we started jamming out together.

Obviously it was sort of spur of the moment and we decided to jam out. He had an acoustic and electric. Not sure what kind of acoustic it was but the electric was some $800 Fender Stratocaster with a Cherry Sunburst and white pickguard.

I'm not sure what it was but when I started playing it I was mediocre at playing, I wasn't used to some thick body giving some thick sound. The sound was probably his amp on different settings than mine. (I play at 9.5,2,8.5 by the way.)

But aside from all the cool stuff I couldn't do, I went like pinch harmonic crazy on his guitar. And it wasn't on purpose! It was like every pinch harmonic I tried to do worked! I was so amazed! I'm not sure if I was in a good rut or something but on my Ibanez S520somethingorother it's much harder to do pinch harmonics. It's like theres only a certain "spot" for each of those different pinch harmonics. (I think there are 3 spots, ones 3 octaves higher, 4, and 5.)

But for those of you who don't know me pinch harmonics were always my weakness, there's something about playing fast and developing techniques for your left hand that made me lose technique in my right, especially after I got to the plateau of my palm muting.

But I'm concerned, especially with this: is it the guitar (Stratocaster) that made it so much easier to do a pinch harmonic or was it a rut?

Edit: I typically only have blogs that pertain to guitars so I can keep up to date with my stuff, But the only news about that is the above, the fact that I freaked out when my friend used my amp and the sound started coming in and out, (because it was just fixed.) I broke an e-string, and the fact that I applied for a teaching position at some local guitar store for intermediate (which is funny because they consider "intermediate" students who can play power chords) and lower students. They only take applications via e-mail and I'm kind of pissed off that they said nothing back to me. Probably because I'm a know-nothing high school student. Everyone who works there is in college or already graduated college.
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Behringer V-tone GMX212

Current mood: content

Got my amp back from MAE. It was $92 to fix it. I was a bit fonfused, but it was a $10 part and an $82 repair bill. Whatever, I'm not going to argue with the guy holding my amp.

I read the review when I paid for it and it said they replaced it with a "heavy duty jack". The jack worked before but only if it was facing the right direction, in other words resautering time. But what's a "heavy duty jack"? I'll assume it will never break from here on out.

So now I'm practically broke but atleast all of my equipment works now. And that is totally worth it.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Semi-productive Day

Current mood: happy

For some reason I feel anything that pertains to my guitar or my has some form of a need to be typed up on to the UG blog area. That's just me and the way I feel, but whatever.
Anyways, I got my guitar back from being fitted. It's now set to 10 gauge strings at standard (EADGBe) tuning. Right now, the strings feel stiff. I think that may have a lot to do with me not playing for a while. Maybe my calusi (sp?) went away or something.
Is that even a word? Calusi? Or is it Caluses? Oh well. Anyways I put on some Elixir rust-less 10 gauge strings. Rustless? Let's just see how long they last...

Either way I called MAE, apparently it wasn't so easy to fix a loose jack after all, so they called up the Manufacturer and they should have the part by next week.

I wouldn't mind, but it's a freakin' loose jack, resauter it god damnit. It doesn't need a part. What do I know though. I play guitar, don't fix amps.

Either way I'm reunited with my guitar, playing on my Squier Champ 15 POS amp. Well, it's not a POS, it's just a downgrade.
I guess I should start doing these. But the song that has been stuck in my head is Thunder Horse. Look it up, it's an awesome song to learn to play.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missing a guitar, and an amp

Current mood: bored

I feel so dull and boring. In the past 24 hours I have sent my Ibanez S-series guitar in to Guitar Center to be fixed for 10 gauge strings instead of 9. It should be ready by Tuesday. It was for $42. I feel ripped off.

At the same time, I have sent in my 2 year old Behringer GMX212 amplifier out because the input jack is broken and needs to be resautered (sp?). Apparently Guitar Center doesn't fix amps, only guitars. (GUITAR center, right?) They told me to go to MAE.

I used to go to MAE all the time because I thought it was the coolest place. Then I saw Guitar Center, and it was an even bigger cooler place with more stuff that you would never buy. But that's what makes a store so great, right?
Well, they said they would fix the amp but needed a $55 downpayment right there. I also felt ripped off. I mean the only other time I had a repair was on my old Epiphone and that was for $31, but they said $25 before. So I'm thinking I'm in for a bit of money. But it's definitely worth it in my opinion.

So in a horrible fate of twisted series of unfortunate events, both my guitar and amp are missing for the next week. I'm trying to make the best out of my acoustic, but its just not cutting the metal I'm used to. I mean, I can barely reach past the 17th fret with the cutaway.

"Sometime's I feel like I don't have a partner. Sometime's I feel like my only friend is [my guitar]." -RHCP.
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day!

Current mood: accomplished

It's Labor Day, so nobody works, right?

Wrong. I commend all of those people who are working in Guitar Center today. Grant was there again. Well, he works there, so I would hope to see him there daily. He sold me my Ibanez S-series that a mentioned in one of my earlier blogs.

Nothing really special, I bought a case. But that was because the guy who welcomed me immediately commented on the case/guitar combo. I used an acoustic case to carry my Ibanez in. I thought a case was a case, but apparently not because different cases apply pressure to different areas. So in a fear of warping my neck, I bought a case. I feel duped and gullible for falling into it. But, is a case really a case?
Narrowed it down from $99 to $63 because of the Labor Day sale. I told them I only had $52, which I did, so they labeled the case as damaged and then sold it to me. How nice of them.
For some reason I love the environment in guitar stores. It's like, everyone that's in there is good, except Ryan.

Oh yeah, that's why I went into Guitar Center, I needed my new Ibanez to be fitted for 10 gauge strings 'cause someone left it on 9 gauge. I also wanted to play a Schecter but the g-string (hehe) was out of tune, so I put it back.

Yadah yadah yadah, smoke machines are cool, so I left.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guitar Center

Current mood: happy

Yadah yadah, typical day, hang out with friend go to the gym, but when we hung out my friend Sean had some guitar magazine. I've seen Musicians Friend, and it wasn't it, just some other guitar magazine.
Well, I came across an ad of Elixir rust-less guitar strings. I know my strings rust pretty fast, considering I do live in Florida.
Well, I went to Guitar Center to check out and buy a pack of these guitar strings, but let's face it, there 2 hours to kill with your friend in a warehouse of guitars, you're not going anywhere until the place closes.
Well I remember seeing a video of Herman Li (Herman Ri, whatever you want to call him.) when he talks about Ibanez S-series, how lightweight it is and how it fits his guitar playing. So I decided to try it out myself.
All I have to say is OH MY GOD. It is an amazing guitar, I noticed immediately that I was playing beyond my ability then my regular guitar. Now I'm not sure if it was the difference between my $85 pawn shop guitar and a $600 Ibanez S-series but I know it was a really good guitar. I love everything minus one thing about it, the volume knob.

For my style of music to play it's too close when I palm mute, and not just any palm mute, fast ones. It's like one better than playing on a Squier (sp?) and palm muting. I can't say much about guitar with my POS guitar, but I know a guitar when it's not for me.

But it kind of got me thinking, even though it's an amazing guitar minus one, should I buy it? There was only one Ibanez S-series in the store, but I would've bought it if it weren't for the knob, or I could just get used to it.
Well, I couldn't stop playing it nonetheless. And bought a pack of guitar strings.

Some new guitar news right?

I'll check them out again on their Labor Day Sales event.
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Starting a UG profile

Current mood: content

To start off with, yes. I have a MySpace. I have last logged in since October 1st... of 2006. To me it was like a 2nd email address.
And seeing as I'm never going to log into MySpace again, I loved the UG profiles. I think of it as a themed MySpace and I like it a lot better because it's like being submersed into a liquid form of many other guitarists.

I've always been better than my friends at guitar and I'm really looking forward to other better guitarists critizing me and helping me to be better on my way to be a gutiar god, err, hero.

Kind of makes me want to take out my camera again. Actually...
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