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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Hate The World, Christmas Special.

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Hello all, and welcome to the world of minor annoyances. They build up slowly, until it ends up bursting through your chest in a screaming fire of angry mayhem.

It's like metal, but without the vaguely homoerotic elements.

I hate Christmas. You spend tons of money buying stupid presents for people who probably won't even like the presents anyway. You fight crowds for those presents. You drive through terrible traffic and see humanity stripped to its rawest element of competitive survival. All for a fucking Barbie Dream House or a pair of shoes.

I hate the beach. It's sandy, its windy, it's fucking cold this time of year, and this beach is like... Las Vegas for old people with "morals" It's fucking stupid. If i were at a beach that didn't revolve around Bike Week, and the "Alabama Theater" (Alabama is like, 700 miles away) i'd love it. Calming scenery, a chance to get out and enjoy life, et cetera. But here, it's loud, swarmed with Canadians, and it smells like shit.

I hate it when you see a pretty girl, who seems charming and like she'd have tons of stuff to talk about. So you get up from your brew, and walk over to introduce yourself, and then you pussy out at the last second and fake going to the bathroom. Ten attempts later, you give up and go home, less of a man.

I hate it when your cousin guilts you into sharing your weed with her. Its like one of those partygirls that sucks dick for weed, without the dick sucking.

I hate shitty dates. No explanation needed.

I hate it that my new amplifier is a state away.

That's all i got right now, hang on for the next round.

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james4 wrote on Dec 29th, 2009 5:58pm

I hate how you can go to the beach this time of year..
if I went, i'd be hiking through snow D:

..but I strongly agree with the rest of your annoyances, except my cousins are all guys, and it's not my amp thats a state away, it's my pickups. and they're across the atlantic >=[


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