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Abunai X (2)
Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Hate The World Vol. 3.

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Welcome back to the blog of misery, malice and petty anger, my dearest readers. May i suggest a very large dose of marijuana being on hand in case i set your nerves on edge with my slightly depressing view of life? Well, this is the third installment in my "I Hate The World" series, and it's still going strong! Comment if you agree, disagree, or if you just want me to add something to the next one. 

I REALLY hate that feeling you get right when you first walk on stage and nobody cheers or claps and you have this dead silence before the first note is able to be born.

I hate Omegle. I hate the people on Omegle.

I hate sending texts to people when i'm stoned, bored, or lonely and i never get one back from anyone.

I hate waking up.

I hate working out. Its boring, makes me smell bad, makes me feel weak next to all of those buff guys at the gym, and best of all, it makes me feel like a loser wearing those lame shorts. Working out in a Social Distortion shirt FTW though.

I hate headaches.

I hate living in the city. Well, not really, but i do hate it that i can't play through my Mesa anymore except at gigs.

I hate it when i'm looking for a specific record, and i spend like 20 minutes looking for it and then i realize that it's on my turntable already. Anger ensues!

I hate high blood sugars.

I hate diabetes all together.

I hate my ex.

I hate cinnamon gum.

I hate my tongue.

I hate Italian food.

I hate being too shy to speak with girls i don't know.

I hate running out of post it notes.

I hate it when i get REALLY into a TV show, and then it gets canceled.

I hate reality TV... Have i said that before? If not, i hate it. Although, in all fairness it is sort of a warning for all of you avarice filled consumerist American swine.

I hate ricers. Loud. Obnoxious. Annoying. Slower than my JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE!!! 

I hate it when i get a call on my cell and i'm driving with my music up loud and then i have to turn down the music. 

I hate turning music down. Period.

I hate people who make no sense whatsoever.

I hate it when i forget to take my shades with me when i leave the house.

I hate it when i run out of weed and don't have any money.

I hate it when i get to a gig and realize that my Strat needs new strings.

I hate being the only person in a group of people conversing who dislikes a band. If you say anything, you get glared at and ignored, and if you don't say anything then you have to live in shame.

I hate shame. It's useless. *takes off his pants and runs through town*

I hate the books that my ex used to read.

I hate the music she listened to.

I hate the way she smiled and i hate the way she smelled.

And the final statement of hatred for the night is.... *drums roll, trumpets blare, millions of women scream in sexual frustration*








Except for some of you.

You know who you are.

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Abunai X wrote on Oct 10th, 2009 5:52am

Oh my gosh, that last part made my face go all sad. :'( Seriously.

Now why the hell do you hate your tongue of all things?


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