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Friday, March 06, 2009

I Hate The World! Vol. I

Current mood: morose

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Recently, while driving down the road with my Mom, i made some sort of derrogetory comment about a book my Sister had left in the car, to which my Mom said, "You know, you sure do hate a lot of things... It can't be healthy."
So UG, you are about to recieve the longest list ever, written in no particular order.
Trailor parks; they're a bloody eyesore, and the lovely people that live in them are always so much fun!
White people with oriental, or tribal tattoo's. I hate it even more so if it's Chinese characters.
Bad books, poety, movies, plays, TV, paintings, and songs.
The random jerkoff's in Guitar Center who turn up the Line 6 Spider they're playing, WAAAY too loud, and just sound horrible.
Those big, giant, triangle picks.
People who are too stupid to realize they're own actions will doom them. For example, my girlfriend's Dad who voted for McCain, even though he would NEVER thing=k of funding stem cell research. FYI, my girlfriend is diabetic, and stem cells could cure her.
Happy endings.
Myspace, and almost every single attentionwhore, and bad picture on the damnable website.
My dick. He's always coming out at the wrong moment, or getting my into trouble.
Every single reality TV show, also any and all shows that are a competition.
Sports fans. I mean seriously people, we know you love em. But must you be so damned obnoxious?
People with a rod up they're asses. In a book store today, i was playing with a wind-up catterpillar while my girlfriend was looking at some boring Chick-Lit, and this old lady and her daughter kind of glared at me, like i was a monkey throwing shit at innocent bystanders. I hate you old lady and mildly hot MILFish daughter.
Ugly girls that everybody says are SOO hot, refference Angelina Jolie.
Beatles fan-persons. My cousin Carrie is a huge fan, and honestly it get a bit obnoxious. Our conversations on music go something like this... "So do you like any blues guys? Robert Johnson? Maybe some Johnny Winter?" and then she'll say, "Are they the Beatles? Yeah, didn't think so."
This smiley, the one that follows.... THIS >>>:baby:<<<
Almost any musical, or Broadwayesque movie play or show.
Bad tone on records.
People who think i'm lame because i like poetry, old vinyl albums, video games, roller derby, Hot Wheels cars, or any of my other interests.
Hot Topic, and most people who shop there. I'll admit that once in a great while, i'll go in for earrings, and come out with a new shirt or something, but i don't swear by it. In no way, shape or form do i think that if you don't shop there, you're weak, or lame. I hate the way that the whole damned corporation nationalizes individuality. It's like, "Hey guys, you ever heard of Black Flag?" "Yeah, i saw that shirt in Hot Topic... Isn't it a movie?"
Boyscouts. They sit around, learning to tye knots, and plotting to get you to buy they're popcorn. I don't even care that the caramel corn is pretty damn awesome, i hate those little boys, and Girlscouts too!
Commercials for Old Spice, Axe, Tag or any other sort of defunkification product.
The guilt i feel when i know i'm smarter than most people i know.
Twilight fangirls. I hate the displays of the junk in book stores, i hate the conventions, i hate the craze over the big new thing that Anne Rice did a long time before Stephany Failure put pen to paper.
Alpaca's! If you don't know what they are, google images them. They smell horrible, grunt at you, try to bite your hands off, and yes, you even have to help them mate!
Well folks, this is far from over, and sooner or later i shall write to you again. But until then my friends, feel safe knowing that you weren't mentioned in my first chapter in the long story of how i hate the world.
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synysterangel wrote on Mar 8th, 2009 4:15am

you dont know how much we share in common. twilight fags are fucking stupid. they're like OMG YOU LIKE VAMPIRES? TEEHEE, GLITTER! and im like, bitch i'm reading fucking interview with the vampire... TEH ORIGINAL BLOODY, EROTIC SHIIITT. myspace whores... oh god. you've seen that fucking scene chick in my vomit blog. sports suck. its just a reason to be gay without being considered homosexual. angelina jolie is fucking ugly... along with rhianna. they all suck. everytime i see a girlscout, im like, "there fucking everywhere! hooray for child exploitation!!" stuck up people (young or old). i do random stuff, like dance at the grocery store. they dont know how to relax. when i was a little girl, i went to the zoo... HATED IT because the camels smelled so fucking bad. i believe alpacas are in the same family as camels.



TheMidasTouch wrote on Jun 18th, 2009 1:54am

I am down with your hatred.

But Alpacas are fucking awesome


Seth Shadows wrote on Feb 18th, 2010 6:33pm

we have so much in common.


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