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Metal Axe (2)
Monday, May 03, 2010

30 Day Album Challenge - Ahhh fiddlesticks...

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Well, I couldn't do it... not in 30 days...

It's a bummer really. But this is not the time for mourning! Instead it is now turned into the 60 Day Challenge! (for me anyway)
I am currently working on a song, called Translucency.
Which is also what I want my album to be called... And that is final dammit!
(album artwork to come soon when I can "reacquire" Adobe photoshop 7.0! (I don't like any other version just 'cause I'm used to 7.0 and I'm happy with it))

The album so far is very clean sounding... very little (and possibly no) distorion of any kind - Shock!

Bad news on my song "Haze" though. What's the problem Mr osXtiger sir?
It's being an elusive little bugger, that's the problem. 
The chords rhythm is proving difficult to "translate" into standard notation. Which means it's difficult to arrange my thoughts on what notes go where and whether or not I want to use a mode there. Or if this phrase fits in here.

But don't worry my faithful reader(s) The challenge may have changed slightly, but I certainly haven't given up on this. It's too close to me in distance and in personal terms.

I will plough on my journey, and I will arise with medals upon my chest and true, full songs on my profile page.
And a slightly bigger E-peen than before, but lets not talk about that shall we?

I shall return in the up coming days/week.

Stay tuned.

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Metal Axe wrote on May 3rd, 2010 6:12am

I has bigger E-peen :cool:

Great to see you havn't given up! :D Keep it up. I shall be awaiting egarly for more updates/the finished product.

My advice on Haze is to cut the theory cr@p for a moment and just listen to what you have written so far and see what plays in your head after it. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Worth a shot though? :p:

Your Faithful Reader :D


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