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Friday, May 28, 2010

The REAL cause of Climate Change

People of the internet, I feel it's my utmost duty to inform you that today is a dark day for science, politics and humankind.
These observations are based on how science likes correlating graphs and how science is never wrong. Ever.

Now as humans are blamed as the primary cause by organisations such as Greenpeace and the cult that is Scientology, I decided to search and see if there really was a trend. I decided to break things down into white people and black people to see if one was more efficient and if anything could be learned from whichever was more efficient.

As it turns out, climate change correlates almost perfectly with us humans. Unfortunately, nobody was noticeably less damaging to the environment, so there's nothing we can do to stop this "Climate Change" apart from culling our populations. We must think of the children!
The good news is, Anal sex is pretty safe as far as Climate change goes... so... if you like that sort of thing, go for it, I guess...

Now. As we have now found the true cause for our little climate change situation, an obvious question must be asked.
What does Carbon Dioxide do if not climate change?

Well ladies and gentlemen. I have some very bad news...

Carbon Dioxide causes:-


That's right, the very fucking air you breath contains the very thing that could kill us all.
Look at the damn graph! Can you not see it?!
The correlation is almost 100% perfect! Far more perfect than any other graph on the earth.

As a self-proclaimed scientist, I need, nay, MUST proclaim that Carbon Dioxide, causes Communism.

So I beg of you. Think of our children. Because every time you fire up your SUV's to go to the store. You feed the red army.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

30 Day Album Challenge - Ahhh fiddlesticks...

Current mood: artistic

Well, I couldn't do it... not in 30 days...

It's a bummer really. But this is not the time for mourning! Instead it is now turned into the 60 Day Challenge! (for me anyway)
I am currently working on a song, called Translucency.
Which is also what I want my album to be called... And that is final dammit!
(album artwork to come soon when I can "reacquire" Adobe photoshop 7.0! (I don't like any other version just 'cause I'm used to 7.0 and I'm happy with it))

The album so far is very clean sounding... very little (and possibly no) distorion of any kind - Shock!

Bad news on my song "Haze" though. What's the problem Mr osXtiger sir?
It's being an elusive little bugger, that's the problem. 
The chords rhythm is proving difficult to "translate" into standard notation. Which means it's difficult to arrange my thoughts on what notes go where and whether or not I want to use a mode there. Or if this phrase fits in here.

But don't worry my faithful reader(s) The challenge may have changed slightly, but I certainly haven't given up on this. It's too close to me in distance and in personal terms.

I will plough on my journey, and I will arise with medals upon my chest and true, full songs on my profile page.
And a slightly bigger E-peen than before, but lets not talk about that shall we?

I shall return in the up coming days/week.

Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

30 Day Album Challenge uhhh Late 2-3 week update

Current mood: exhausted

AHHHH dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit!

My bad folks, I'm freakin' late :haha:

Quick Update methinks.

Well I have around 50% of the Album written, so, with 2 days left to go I'm basically spending a CRAP ton of time trying to get the rest done.
This is basically my white whale here folks, it's eating at my very soul, and it MUST be done...
And it freakin' well will be done I tells ya! *shakes fist

I will then do a Full Update on the 30th. I shall see you then if I haven't died of fatigue by then ;)

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

30 Day Album Challenge Week 1

Current mood: artistic

Why hello there people!
Welcome! Have a seat, kick up your heels and relax.

The fruits of my labour are yet to fully pay off, but at least now I can see that they will pay off if I put the time into this project.

Haze is going to be the first song on the album, and like all the songs on the album, it will be completely instrumental. It is about breaking through the haze of writers block that shrouds us all when we first attempt to write songs. It contains (so far) 2 guitars with a dash of Reverb applied and a hint of delay thrown in for good measure, these guitars will be clean and not distorted. So far I have 1 minute of this recorded but the floodgates are almost open on this one, as the further I progress the easier it is to come up with more material for it. I plan on this one being around 3 mins. But whatever I plan and what actually happens are 2 completely different things.

Midnight Melancholy:
I know, It sounds depressing. But really it's about staring up at the sky at night and simply reflecting on one's self. Again. This contains clean guitars with dashes and hints of reverb and delay, and is a fairly light piece so far. I'm wanting this one to be more ambient in nature rather than "in your face" kind of stuff. It features a natural harmonic backbone and coming up with a main melody that can fit over this delicate backbone is proving difficult at best
This song so far comes in at 45 seconds, plans for this one ranges to 2:30 at least.

No Turning Back:
Now this one is heavier, featuring a DS-1 distortion cranked as high as it can with the tone in a neutral position.
There's very little to say about this one. I'm not sure what influences me on this one.

This is untitled (duh) it's distorted to near fuzz like proportions in the intro and uses a wah to "fade" the guitar in. again. Little to say on this one.

Well. So far so good I'll say. I've calculated that I need to write two songs per week to meet the 20min target (with a few mins extra ) and sure I don't have two complete songs yet, but I certainly have enough swimming around my hard drive to say this week has been pretty good. I can safely say that I can see this turning out quite well.

Next Week will contain more songs (hopefully some complete ones this time) , Exotic dancers, and the one and only Mr. Jack Daniels!
Plus more stuff to write about.
See Y'all next week!
You are now allowed to leave your computer desk and resume your daily lives.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

30 Day album challenge.

Well, I entered the 30 day album challenge. I might not have a single completed song to my name, but I certainly have plenty of ideas floating around my Hard drive.
Basic guidelines are that it has to be done by the end of this month. And that the entire album length has to be 20 mins or more.
I'll do weekly updates on my progress, and all in all, so long as I put effort into this, I'm sure this experience will be vastly useful to me as a musician!
Those of you unfamiliar to this community gathering. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.ph p?t=1294656
That's the thread.
I'll be back in around 7 days. Take it easy!  :cool:
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turkey man cover

Current mood: accomplished

Yeah, I know it's not Movin' on, but hell, it's still good!, took a couple days to learn and "master" to that level, and I rather like it!
There's a mistake here and there, and It may not stick to the original (I've only heard it off of Ten Words (Live 2006) version) but it's good in my opinion.

How did I record it?

Rather simply.
I use an Epiphone SG-400, with a Peavey Vypyr 30W amp plugged directly into my computer's microphone port (using the headphone output).
The program I use to record is Audacity (lovely and free!). And I use the Lame Mp3 codec to transform my audacity recording into; (you guessed it!) Mp3!

I should start working on Movin' on now that I have a fresh set of strings on my guitar.
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Project "New MP3"

Current mood: cheerful

Well, I'm going to record a little somethin' somethin'. No, it's not my own material I'm afraid.
It's going to be Movin' on - Joe Satriani. And I'm going to try and record all the parts that I can (Drums will be sequenced in Guitar Pro). It won't be perfect, hell it might not be pretty, but it's going to get done!

And I'll start as soon as I can get my hands on a set of strings because my guitar only has 5!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

0.10 posts per day.

Current mood: accomplished

I am now 1/10th of the way to my target! It can only get easier from here right?

Soon, I will have made up for the years of inactivity on Ultimate-Guitar.

However, During this time I have received a warning(posting in a spam thread), which is a potential threat to my target! A ban of 30 days could cripple my target!
So now the challenge gets harder, I must remain careful at all times to avoid a 30 day ban!

And where is the fun if there is no challenge right?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Posts per day.

Current mood: optimistic

I have decided to a challenge.
Due to my inactivity on the forums when I signed up, my posts per day quota is less than 0.07 per day!
Which is why I am going to post like a crazy man to see if I can raise my PPD to AT LEAST 1.0 posts per day.

To reach this number today, my total posts would have to equal 1100.
Every day that my PPD is less than 1.0, this challenge gets harder, as the servers expect me to post even MORE. But I must fight on, in search of thy holy number.

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