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Monday, August 20, 2007


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hello alen
you dont know me yet but over the last year i have come to know you very well. you remind me of myself at a very young age. i myself often ejaculated and had desires to taste my own semen. at night i can smell the semen on your breath and on your clothes. the stains on your clothes are apparent, and many of your friends mock you for this when your back is turned. i savor the smell and taste of youthful seed, since my own semen has grown yellow and stale. i am unable to taste my own seed anymore, which is why i have chosen you.
dear friend, i have chosen to inform you of my plans in order to heighten my sexual pleasure once i take you into my own home and begin the games with you. many of my playmates do not understand why they have been chosen, but i want you to know well before so that you will understand just how helpless and alone you are.
the first of the games is easiest, and will allow us to become acquinted before you lose consciousness. during this game i will ask you a series of questions, each with increasing difficulty. for each question you answer incorrectly, i will remove one digit. on your eleventh loss, i will break the hyoid bone in your neck. you can win the game by answering the series of 100 questions. depending on your success, i will either allow you to masterbate into my mouth or i will pleasure you until you ejaculate into my mouth.
the second of the games will be the most painful. the removal of the scapulas is ruled as one of the most painful operations that can be undergone while conscious. this game is to prevent you from escaping from my home. after the removal, your lower limbs will be sewed together to increase your mobility when crawling to and from the chamber.
the third of the games is the last that you will witness. during this game i will remove both of your shoulder blades, and allow you five minutes to escape from my home. if you are unable to make it out of my home, i will return your clothes and allow you to live. if you are unable to make it out of my home, i will begin the final games.
during the final games, all sensory organs will be removed. the nose will be the first to be disfigured. a mixture of specially designed chemical substances will be poured into your nasal cavities, effectively removing all tissues. hot wax will be poured into the ears to block your ability to hear, but will not damage your brain. your tongue will be removed delicately with a scalpel, and will be cauterized to prevent you from drowning. the eyes will be removed with two table spoons, as i have found this to be the most efficient method thus far. the skin will be the last organ to be removed, with 2x2 inch sections on the body and limbs, and the facial region with one large incision.
after these games i do not expect any more entertainment from you, and i will begin my work. i will remove your reproductive system to add to my collection. your body and all remaining parts will be dissolved in an acidic substance. i will then send the letter you will have written before i began the games to tell your family that you have chosen to run away and not to look for you. this will divert the attention of the investigators and will allow me time to change my identity and location.
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noahraya wrote on Aug 21st, 2007 3:46am



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