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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Acne Gone

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A disturbing new case involving a dermatologistís worst nightmare has developed in Heartland, Colorado over the past few months. A miracle acne medication known as Acne Gone that was marketed during the early 90ís is being linked to a horrifying skin condition more grotesque and painful than leprosy.

The medication known as Acne Gone was sold locally for several years, remaining unapproved by the FDA throughout its brief shelf life. The medication consisted of a jelly like substance that was to be applied to the face or affected areas twice daily. The medicine was found to be so effective that acne breakouts would lessen and disappear within one month of the application. The overnight success of the drug was so surprising that leading drug research departments including the FDA conducted tests on the drug, but revealed horrifying secrets. Several potent chemicals, including Benzidide, Ethylene Oxide, Formaldehyde, and trace amounts of Vinyl Chloride were all found within the drug, the drug was immediately removed from the local stores and immediate poison control care was issued to any who had used it.

Ralph Tanzanias, former FDA spokesperson, issued the following statement about Acne Gone in February of 1993- ď Itís no wonder the medicine cleared acne, the chemicals it was comprised of would take the paint off your walls as well.Ē

Now, nearly 15 years later, more horrifying tales are being linked to this ďmiracle drug from hell.Ē Throughout the past several months, patient visits to dermatologist clinics in Heartland have nearly quadrupled. The probable cause? Acne Gone. A mysterious condition in which seemingly healthy patientís flesh begins to rot and peel off has recently been linked back to the initial use of Acne Gone.

With modern technology, it has been determined that the combination of several of the chemicals from the original solution of Acne Gone led to the mutation of healthy bacteriophages within the human body. Bacteriophages are cells within the body that contain and destroy foreign bacterial cells, a process that is ongoing throughout an entire lifetime. The potent mixture of carcinogens and other unknown chemicals seems to have led to mutations within these cells that has recently been stimulated by inert pesticides found in everyday foods.

The mutated cells, now referred to as Epidermiphages, have recently been activated and are now attacking host epidermal (skin) cells all over the victimís body. The result is that the skin begins to peel and flake in large patches, and in some cases begins to liquefy. The exposed flesh is vulnerable to many diseases, causing immediate alarm to doctors and experts on the case. In some instances where Acne Gone was applied to the back or shoulders, the skin from that entire region has begun to rot, peel, and fall off. Some patientís entire facial regions are devoid of skin, leading them to hide in seclusion from medical care.

At the moment, there is no treatment for this atrocious plague-like doom that has swept into Heartland. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado has funneled thousands of dollars into relief for the victims, but many have already seuccumbed to any of the innumerable common diseases that skin usually wards off. Some have committed quiet suicide in horror of their own appearances. Acne Gone has produced a town full of skinless humans. The creator of Acne Gone, a user himself, has apparently committed suicide rather than divulge the secret ingredients of his macrobiotic time bomb death cream.

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