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Robbgnarly wrote on Aug 19th, 2012 8:28pm

Hey man, no hard fealings. It is the fuckin internet after all! I have found that some guys here give excelent advise that is truly un-biased. Some are know-it-all douche bags that really don't have a clue about anything except the gear they have and hop on band-wagons of gear hate. Then you have the guys who are just shit starters.
I joined this site 1.5 yrs ago to broden my knowledge of guitar technical aspects. I have learned a good deal from a handful of people on here that genuinely know the correct answers. I also have tried to give good help and advise to everyone else. Hell I had an original Spider combo for years. My opinion is that it is a great amp. I giged with it for 2 yrs and every-one when I played wanted to check it out/play through it. It was fuckin bad-ass because it did so much out of one amp.
As I grew as a player my taste in gear has changed emensely.


bojack04 wrote on Oct 26th, 2009 2:18pm

man i dig your mp3's my kind of metal true thrash are they your's?


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