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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Idea for a fictional sport thing involving robots

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So, I don't know why I'm bothering to post this since this is the kind of thing I typically just save as a little text file and tuck away with other random ideas, but I felt like posting this one somewhere.

Basically, I got an idea for a fictional sport-type thing. It's racing.

But with humanoid mech robots, kind of like that IGPX anime a few years ago.

Except with gigantic tracks that literally go above and below the atmosphere, so pilots are playing both in space and inside the atmosphere. 

Worth noting that, with the exception of the championship race, the races don't take place on earth - it's set in a future where earth has become beautiful and neolithic and wonderful because we took all our trash, melted it down, and sent it to mars to turn the entire planet into a series of gigantic race tracks. There's also a hotel on mars so the athletes don't have to travel to mars for every race. Sure it's stupid and far-fetched, but I like to think I can be stupid and far-fetched when I'm making up a sport about giant robots racing in and out of the martian atmosphere.

So, as said, it takes a lot from the IGPX thing a while back, so the robots fight while they're racing. Except it's all hand-to-hand, no weapons. Any sort of attack is allowed that doesn't endanger the other pilot's escape pod. The escape pods are inexplicably safe and reliable, so you're allowed to kick each other's asses in space too, although leaving the track for more than 20 seconds per lap is considered down. A robot that is disabled or knocked to the track for more than five seconds straight is also considered down. Down robots are not able to complete the lap, their pilots are recalled to the starting line, board a new robot, and are returned to the course once every functioning member of their team has completed the lap.

There's also football/rugby inspired elements. At the beginning of each race, an oblong ball is shot into orbit, and the two teams have to race up to grab it before it reaches too far into its orbit to grab it. If this happens, a rocket in the ball activates, putting it into position to be grabbed on the second lap.

Once a team gets it, each of their robots that isn't carrying the ball gets a slight speed boost, and the ball carrier is beaconed. The ball can be dislodged in any manner that is legal under the contact rule. The ball cannot be thrown forwards, but can be lateraled. The only exception to this rule is if the thrower is behind every other member of their team, in which case they are allowed one forward pass every 20 seconds. The ball is live at all times, and the opposing team can also catch the ball, regardless of who throws it.

If a player completes a lap holding the ball, his team's speed boost will stack. Note the entire speed boost is lost if an opposing player either completes a lap holding it, or if they gain possession for more than 10 straight seconds.

Each standard team consists of seven pilots in five different robots:

A Manny, a slow, lanky robot with a specially designed arm thats job is to sit in the back of its team, ready to throw if they successfully capture the ball and move if back to them(There are also Vickers, a faster, more lightly armored version that is also a potent carrier, but are much more fragile and easily downed.) Due to their position allowing them a full view of where their team is on radar since they're not busy outracing the other team, and the potency of the forward pass, they're often considered the captain of the team, which they usually are. THey typically don't participate in defensive play.

A slow, heavily armored SATs, pronounced the same as sat, which blocks for the Manny. They often serve as the captain and communicator for teams with either a Vickers, or a team with an inexperienced Manny. Often the primary accoster of the opposing Manny on defensive play, as they're the ones who most easily occupy other SATs.

Two Torrents, fast, light, mobile machines meant for outrunning the opposing team with or without the ball, and for getting big gains when the Manny throws forwards. They're typically either catching, racing and dueling opposing Torrents, or covering the opposing Torrents to intercept a forward pass.

Two GR-0N/Ks, balanced robots which are capable of both blocking for the Manny and catching a forward pass. They're also capable of playing well against a SAT when trying to attack the opposing Manny. The "Jack of all trades, master of none" phrase often applies, but a skilled GR-0N/K pilot is often the most dangerous member of their team.

And finally, a Berry. Berries are smaller, faster, more elusive versions of the Torrents. They're not very useful defensively, and they're not going to win a fight if an opposing GR-0N/K or Torrent spots them and goes after them, but they're ridiculously elusive and hard to land a hit on, and are deadly one-on-one with that ability. Their smaller size makes them a more difficult target for the Manny, however. They're excellent in the lateral game.

This is of course just the standard lineup, many teams experiment and change the lineup depending on their strategy and skillsets.


5 points for every lap completed ahead of all players from your position on the opposing team.
3 points for every lap completed ahead of one player from your position on the opposing team.
1 point for every lap completed behind all players from your position on the opposing team.
7 points in addition to the initial points for completing a lap while carrying the ball, 8 if your team's collective time is leading the other team's collective time.
Bonus 14 points if you complete the entire race without losing possession of the ball.

So yeah, it's kung fu meets giant robots meets space racing meets football. Groovy, huh?
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Primus2112 wrote on Oct 16th, 2012 7:06am

i feel high from reading this

don't take that negatively, i would watch the shit out of this


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