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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reviews For All

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I doubt anyone really comes by and reads this but I like tossing up info now and then, anyone who does actually read this I thank you for taking time to and I apologize if I don't post enough, but the music is just more important.  One thing I have done is decided to write in depth unbiased reviews or guitar and audio production equipment.  I have had a musical interest ever since I can remember, it really took hold 14 year ago when I was 12 and now its become a hobby and an obsession.  I am going to start doing reviews and any guitar or audio production equipment I end up purchasing or use for a period of more then three months.  Sometimes stuff does not work out for me so I do return it but none the less I will review it so any potential buyers can get the down right dirt on the item, like many others I fanatically research items on the internet before purchasing them so I can appreciate a well thought out review that doesn't read like a sales sheet.  I do not work for any companies, I am not endorsed or sponsored by any of them and my source of income has nothing to do with the music industry so I wont be bull shiting anyone to make a commission or anyone, just pure fact.  I havent really decided, but I may start incorporating YouTube videos as well but my video production skills need some work.
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