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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Music

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So the last couple weeks have been pretty cool I have been checking out lots of new music slated to hit shelves in stores across the world or that may already be in stores now.  It's always a pleasure to take a sneak peek at music and most importantly for me it allows me to know what music I want to actually purchase.

First on my chopping block is Brendon Small's side project away from Dethklok.

Most people know Brendon for his work on Home Movies and for his hit cartoon Metalocalypse.  But most people don't know he was a musician long before a comedian.  Brendon had a bunch of music that really didn't suit the Dethklok namesake.  By chance when they were heading into the studio to work on the second Dethalbum, something cause them to run into a snag with production on Dethalbum II.  So instead of scrapping his studio time he paid Bryan Beller and Gene Hoglan to lay down some flavor on his track and thus was the birth of Galaktikon.  Small has said himself this project has nothing to do with Dethklok and he has no intentions of crossing the two over, which is great.  Of course hardcore Dethklok fans were a little pissed with the album, but as a music aficionado I am glad he put out other music unrelated to his main project, WAY better then seeing it stuffed away and forgotten about.

The album is a melodic tale of an intergalactic space hero named Triton who is served divorce papers then proceeds to go on an anger filled space adventure.  I am not going to do a huge write up on the album there are tons online that can be read.

Triton is the opening song and for some reason the first thing it reminded me of was Black Fire Upon Us but it's most likely just similar chords as the song quickly takes on it's own style.  The heavy chord riff in Deathwaltz reminded me a lot of like an old Audioslave style rhythm very chunky, like the peanut butter by the same name.  Dangertits, ok not only does this song have the best name of all the songs on the entire album, but it's my favorite piece simply because its one hell of an instrumental and I am a sucker for instrumentals.  The closing track On My Way has an evident vocal presence that highly resembles Pickles, which I enjoyed.  Overall each track has a little bit of vocal difference and a ton of melodic differences leaving Galaktikon with a ton of re-listening value.  This was one of my more awaited meoldic metal/rock albums I was looking forward to and I was certainly no let down.

Second Album Up:  Slash Apocalyptic Love

So I just got finished taste testing this album in full, its what actually prompted me to write this blog entry.  I have never been a huge Slash fan, he is a great musician but hasn't really done anything that seriously struck a note with me since Appetite, I know I am cruel but honest.  And I had never heard of Myles Kennedy until Slash's first solo album, again just not generally my cup of tea.

Well I know people will hate me for this but I really couldn't get into the groove this album.  For once I was really down with the riffs Slash was playing but the vocals drew the line for me.  I REALLY liked Back to Cali from his first solo album but I guess for me a full album with Myles was a no go.  Every time I felt I was getting into the groove of the music the vocal killed it for me which is kind of sad.  I wont really say much more about this album as its isn't one I would purchase but mainly because of the vocals, I skimmed through the tracks a few times just listening to the music and I totally enjoyed that.  Hardcore Slash or Myles Kennedy fans will love this album, certainly an awesome piece of work.

Some people might wonder why I even bothered, well A) because it only cost me some time of my life and B) I am always intrigued to hear new music from any genre whether or not I like it in the end is always a different story.  But mostly it's the best way to be introduced to new artists.

Act Three: Tenacious D Rize of the Phenix

Guess what...there BACK!  Tenacious D was around for quite some time but really didn't get noticed till the release of the motion picture The Pick of Destiny.  Tenacious D is back and on the hunt for a masterpiece song so sayeth Jack Black.  Which is extremely strange cause I thought 'The Metal' was a freaking badass song, anways I digress.

The acoustic duo start the album off with the title track, which tells the listener the cruel story of how Tenacious D fell off the map after The Pick of Destiny and how they are going to make the comeback of comebacks.  Low Hanging Fruit has some of Jack Black's famous lyrics like this line "
oosmar and a flipflorp bidily florp orshack shackaor ee qwow shikika kway shikika kway shikika kway shikika qui qui qui gwo gwo GWOW (fart noise)" not even kidding! The song Rock Is Dead speaks an eerie truth, what used to be classified as rock is long gone, though the D does a good job of channeling the feel in this song, the ripping solo certainly helps the cause.  Maybe rock is not as dead as we initially thought.

Overall the album has that classic Tenacious D feel, but a little more refined there is less joking and skits on this album, certainly taking the business a little more seriously, but as they both said they want a charting song and I don't blame them!  If you are a Tenacious D fan I would certainly say this album should be on your list of music to check out.  Foo Fighter/Dave Grohl fans take note, Dave was the drummer on this album so that means it should be in your collection :P

The next one might be an unlikely victim to be on this list, the new album from Santana entitled Shape Shifter; however it is a awesome soothing album and I have been a fan of Carlos since Abraxas.  Santana albums generally speak for themselves I don't think there has been a bad one.  There is only one song on the album that has vocals and that track Eres La Luz the rest are instrumental songs and well that makes me biased.  If you are a fan of relaxing latin blues rock this album should certainly consider this album its a no brainer.

Last mention goes out to Jack White's solo album Blunderbuss, personally I never got on the White Stripes train, I did like a few songs; however I was more of a Raconteurs guy!  When I heard Jack was doing a solo album I was really interested to see what he would come up with.  In a way I was slightly let down as I was expecting it to be WAY more blues influenced.  That being sad once I did sit down and listen to the album I was not as let down.

I heard the single Sixteen Saltines a couple times before hand and really like that song, the other one they were streaming was Love Interrupted which I thought was a little out there for Jack but it suits the album pretty well.  When I rolled around to the title track Blunderbuss I was kind of hit by the Jack White blues feel I was going for but nowhere near as heavy, and more blues rock, tasty.  Tracks like Weep Themselves To Sleep have that classic Jack White rock sound provided by none other then that lovely Big Muff of his.

In my opinion for Jack this was the right step to take his music, I really enjoyed the vast variety of songs and styles he had going on compared to the minimalistic style of White Stripes.  I think you will find a lot of people listening outside there normal genre of music with this album.  I mean it's one of very few albums that have made it onto my iPod and has been played completely through all in the song on the first go.

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