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Gunpowder (1)
Friday, November 09, 2007


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Hello Again,
Aghh, I need to get all the notes down.
I am having such a hard time with this.
Well, it isn't that hard, but it's just a bit frustrating.
I am of course, GOING on. =]
I would never, ever give up.
Ahha, my dad is so silly.
He's like, "Nancy! You better practice that guitar of yours!"
Well, of course dad. (^_^)
I really appreciate all of you who have given me notes of encouragement.
I really, extremely, truly do! =D [can you tell i really do appreciate it]
Well, I must get going.
I thought I would come on here just to post a blog, update you guys out there.
I have musical rehearsal tomorrow, yes a saturday, from around 8am 'til 4pm..but who knows haha Mr. Morris, the director, might change things up.
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Gunpowder wrote on Nov 18th, 2007 7:04pm

Note positions on the guitar are a bit confusing to remember at first. I learned them by playing each individual note for the first five frets on each string, saying the note name and fret number as I played them, and repeating until I could remember which fret on which string went with which note.


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