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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Acoustic Solo gigs with 3 guitars.

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I play guitar more than anyone I know.  I don't have a job and I set playlists in Spotify and learn 40 or 50 songs a day.  I'm kinda running out of songs I really want to play.  I play solo gigs and I just can't see using a Stratocaster to do the entire show.  I usually take 1 acoustic but, I think I'll take 3.  Two tuned open.  One open "D" and the other open"G".  I'm not anti-electric, but you can only solo so long before you start losing the crowd's attention.  I Travis-pick guitar so I can do some pretty silly stuff.  I do the "Oscar Meyer Bologna Song" and also "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".  If I see young baseball players come in I'll play Ballgame if I'm not playing already.   There aren't a whole lot of "new" bands that make me want to do solo tunes.  I've probably got 10 or 11.
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