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Monday, April 20, 2009

09 NFL draft

1.DET: Jason Smith (CAD 1)-This pick was made with the Dolphins from last year in mind. All this Matthew Stafford talk is just hype in my eyes. Of course, there's a good chance I'll be wrong, but still going with OL first.

2.STL: Eugene Monroe-This pick is mostly an obvious one. Everyone keeps talking about how STL kind of settled last year; this year, STL gets their linemen thanks to depth.

3.KC: Aaron Curry-Another obvious choice. The Chiefs as a team only had about 10 sacks last season, which is, of course, pretty damn bad. Curry would probably be a franchise MLB and would help the whole team benefit.

4.SEA: Matthew Stafford (CAD 2)-As analysts have stated before, Hasselbeck is getting old. He's just going to keep getting older too. It's rare for this team to pick this high, so might as well spoil themselves.

5.CLE: Brian Orakpo-The Browns were just plain bad as a team last year, but their offense can actually end up fine. They lost Willie McGinnest to retirement this year, and they can nab his successor here and now.

6.CIN: Andre Smith-The Bengals could use this pick on a WR, but they still can expect good performances by Chad OchoCinco. Now, when Carson is back, he'll have time to get back into the game.

7.OAK: Jeremy Maclin-Maclin will be the pick instead of Crabtree because he fits the team better. Crabtree would be the sexy pick, but Maclin would be the successful pick.

8.JAC: Michael Crabtree-He'll probably be the pick because the Jags are set at QB and have a good enough D.

9.GB: B.J. Raji-Raji will be the pick because the Packers are switching to the 3-4 and need a true NT who can make the transition easier.

10.SF: Mark Sanchez-Sanchez just fits. He's a WCO type guy and he'd probably get his chance to shine in his home state. He'll probably be in a familiar system and won't have to worry about weather at home games.

11.BUF: Michael Oher-Buffalo ended up having the 25th ranked O and 14th ranked D, so they'll probably be smart and pick up Oher to get things going. From last years games, the line couldn't get good holes for Lynch. Oher will change that.

12.DEN: Aaron Maybin-The Broncos are pretty much set at O. When you think of their D, you think of their defensive backs skills and front seven's lack thereof. Maybin will help the team create pressure.

13.WAS: Tyson Jackson-The Redskins dropped Jason Taylor and need a replacement. Jackson fits their needs.

14.NO: Malcom Jenkins-The Saints had the number one offense and the 23rd pass D. Jenkins would provide a boost in a search for balance.

15.HOU: Brian Cushing-The Texans have a good offense, but need to improve their D. Between run and pass, their run defense was worse. Cushing is a true athlete that would help make up for DeMeco Ryan's decreasing tackle numbers.

16.SD: Knowshon Moreno (CAD 3)-The Chargers fundamentally are a good run team. They have an awesome passing game, but Rivers needs the run game to help him out. Sproles isn't really the answer for a backup, but Moreno and LT together could be the answer.

17.NYJ: Josh Freeman-Freeman could be the future of the Jets and would have time to learn behind the Jets' other capable QBs.

18.DEN: Rey Maualuga-More front seven help. Maualuga would give the team added insurance in the front.

19.TB: Peria Jerry-At the end of last year, the TB D really let the team down. Adding Jones would help the team recover from the loss of Monte Kiffin.

20.DET: Brian Cushing-The Lions desperately need help on D, which is what they would get from a true athletic LB like Cushing.

21.PHI: Percy Harvin-The Eagles take a risk and try to get more real receiving into the mix for McNabb.

22.MIN: James Laurinaitis (CAD 4)-The Vikings are solid except for aging Oline, QB, and LB. At this point, James is their best option and the best available player.

23.NE: Vontae Davis-It sometimes seems like the Pats can never get their secondary settled. With this pick, they might get some true consistency.

24.ATL: Brandon Pettigrew-The Falcons are a good team who have the luxury of focusing on small holes on the team rather than big. They'll get a weapon who'll improve the team with this one.

25.MIA: Hakeem Nicks-Last year, the Dolphins only had 2 receivers that they could count on constantly, Bess and Ginn. If they use this pick on Nicks, they'll have a receiving corps that they can really count on.

26.BAL: Darrius Heyward-Bey-The Ravens had the second ranked D, so D would be a luxury, despite losing Scott. If they pick up DHB here, they can give Flacco a reliable target who can get his long passes.

27.IND: Clay Matthews-On offense, the Colts are pretty much set, despite the loss of Harrison. When you think Colts D, you think of either their line or their safety position. With Matthews, there'll be another consistent threat on their side.

28.BUF: Michael Johson: Having already used a pick to help their O, the Bills can focus on improving a pass rush that finished 28th in sacks.

29.NYG: Chris Wells (CAD 5)-The Giants are a running team first; they also face the possibility of Jacobs not resigning after this season. While their O may have suffered without Plax, they need to get the fundamentals down first.

30.TEN: Robert Ayers-Tennessee was able to put together a real offense this past year that benefited highly from their first rounder last year. This year, their D-line gets a similar boost. Not as much will change, but they'll improve.

31.ARI: Donald Brown-The Cards are okay with running, but could be much better. With Brown, they get security in case James decides he's done or Hightower doesn't step up.

32.PIT: Max Unger-The Steelers need to build their line up more. While a C may be a stretch for the first round, the Pats tried picking a guard after winning the super bowl with great success.
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