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Thursday, October 09, 2008

faith (lyrics)

wrote these lyrics roughly about three years ago lol
but meh i might as well post them


forsake me not, I bare no wings
I’ve lost my halo and forgotten my dreams
The art of silence my only friend
I held my breath until thy end

The question of sad unbelief
Has lead a saint, not but  grief
Faith on arm, tears that bled
Unwritten words, left unsaid

Darkened streets, no final path
What might come, the aftermath
Invisible footprints left in the rain
Nothing now can be the same

Reaching out to a hand, helping fair
Never realise, what not was there
Walk this world, so long, alone
Blinded, eye’s closed and sown

Your mind, it’s own reality
Blocks out , if any clarity
living Cold, breath in the air
Shines no light in this disappear

Forsake me not, I bare no wings
I’ve lost my halo and forgotten my dreams
Scared and hurt, twisted and used
Faith has left this angel bruised

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

lyrics and such

Current mood: numb

some lyrics ive been working on
as of yet i dont have a tune for them to go to
yes...tiz quite odd
anyways tell me what you think
From angels we are born,
by devils we are taken,
this morbid fascination,
My Sleep I have forsaken
I’ve spend too long in silence,
depriving myself of dreams
I’m insomnia’s greatest friend
and it’s darker than it seams
Laid inside a bed of rock
stuffed to full of feathers
My Eyelids ever open ,
hitched upon there tethers

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