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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whats the deal with love anyways ahaha

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Well hello there my fellow guitar players (:

im sitting here listening to some "mellow music"

and i was thinking... hmm i havent blogged in a while.

annnnd today i thought i would share my opinion on "love" prolly the most commen influence for all songs and something everyone understands to a certain degree.. that is..

i couldnt help but thinking one nighgt, as i was staring up at thee stars..   is there really someone out there for all of us?

annd.. i just am not to sure about that.. is it really all true ? :s

so therefore i have decided not to believe in it. i mean... love is such an overused word aneways... its kindof lost its meaning... haa

whats your idea of love? lemme know? this is such a vast topic theyre must be sooooooo many different opinons.... leave urs ;)

xxxoooo <3

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FattMikE wrote on Feb 24th, 2010 3:22pm

My idea of love is something two people share that cant be destroyed by anything...words or missiles nothing can stop it.....although every girl I have dated has said they "loved" me they all have fucked me over in the same breath of saying the same words....You can't love and crush someone its not love its ....someone who passes the time I guess..........to me love is about having the most fun and making the most out of every situation.....giving the significant other a kiss when they least expect it ......complimenting something new everyday ......listening to every word the other says because you want to not that you have to......but I am slowly realizing that this is just not going to happen so I am in the same boat with you at the moment....although I am a hopeless romantic.....I guess well have to see how life plays out for us


benstew wrote on Dec 3rd, 2013 4:23pm

omg ur beautiful


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