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Sunday, March 01, 2009

new songs, well kinda.

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ok peeps i got 1 brand new song 'biological' which uses that drum track i put together, i wouldn't call it my best work but trying to make something fit was a challange. the next 2 are called'metal riffs' which i should have put up a while ago cause its that old,lol. and 'somekindametal' which was one of last but one songs on youtube i think. i do like this one alot has a great flow to it.
so yeah there you go.
just to let you all know i'm still trying to get the song out of my head thats driving me crazy, i just don't have the tools right now.
i'll keep you all posted or something.

so take a listen crit me tell me how it is.

peace fellow guitar peeps.
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