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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Numero Uno!

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Well, I thought I'd better post a blog, being as my profile looks pretty blank!
The only problem is, I'm struggling to think of anything to put..... so I guess I'll write a mini review of a gig I went to last saturday.
13/10/2007 - Pitchshifter - Nottingham Rock City.
Support: The Ghost Of A Thousand, Shaped By Fate, Brigade.
Firstly, I missed TGOAT and SBF, as the ticket said that doors were at 7:30, but the first act actually came on at 6:45. That's insanely early!
However, a bit of pre-gig research showed that TGOAT and SBF appeared to be run of the mill, "look at our awesome hair and tatoos" kinda bands, so I don't feel like I missed out on much!
Brigade on the other hand, we're actually pretty good. They deftly mixed some decent rocking tunes, with heavy atmospheric passages, in such a way that the Deftones would have been proud! The only downside is that the singers voice (isn't he the brother of Charlie "I was in Busted" Simpson?) get's irritating after a while!
Anyways, onto Pitchshifter.
This was the fourth time I'd seen them, and damn, they never disappoint! A blistering set that never let the pace slow down for one second. They reeled out brilliant song after brilliant song, so I really can't think of any real reason why these guys never really broke the mainstream in the same way that the Prodigy did.
The atmosphere was incredible, the pit was awesome (everybody was looking out for each other, and there was little to no shitty hardcore dancing!). The only downside was that it must have been about a million degrees in there!
Due to the fact that two members of Pitchshifter (M.D. Clayden and Jason Bowld) are the core duo of This Is Menace, and due to the fact that they are thoroughly awesome guys, after the gig they were giving away copies of This Is Menaces debut album "No End In Sight", which comes as a thoroughly recommended listen!
Anyways, all in all a fantastic night! Roll on the next proper gig I'm going to (I'm going to see John Otway on 20/10, but I'm guessing nobody here will know who that is, so the next real gig I'm going to is Biffy Clyro on 14/11 I think)!
Peace Out!
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