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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Old Demos

Current mood: nostalgic

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So, I just found all my old demos that I recorded back when I was something of a musician (I had just gotten kicked out of the gigging band I had been in for years).  I decided to load all the tracks on my computer and give them a listen.  I tell ya what, it's gotten me mighty nostalgic for the days in which music used to be my life.  I wish I still had it in me to love creating music that much.  While the songs may not be that good, they're way more creative than anything I'm capable of writing these days.  Also, I can feel the passion that I had for writing in those days.  When I record anything now all I can hear is the total lack of feeling in it; like I'm just recording to get something down.  It's too mechanical, but not in a good way.  Back then I could write whole songs (minus the lyrics, I've never been good when it I comes to vocals), now, I struggle to come up with 5 songs for an EP.  I hope to get back to that mind frame when music was fun; before my "work is life" days, before I started working more than anything else, before my Guitar Center days....   Here's to hoping...
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