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Friday, August 17, 2007


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I'm not a very good guitarist.  I don't have the time to practice as much as I once did (when I first started coming to UG, at the beginning of my college years), and even when I do have free time, I find myself spending it on something else---reading, listening to new music, masturbating, whatever.  So I have no original music to upload in this profile, and even if I did, I have no recording equipment here to get it from me to you.  So that's the way it is.
In a Classics course I took this summer, however, I did find myself experimenting with lyrics during lectures.  I really dislike rhyming poetry (for the most part) and I have no skill or patience for writing that way.  What I came up with were some small pieces of abstract-ish, non-rhyming shit.  I'm a big fan of Lovecraftian fiction, and since I'd been (and still am) working on Lovecraft's Dream Cycle, I found myself inspired by the dark settings and worlds he creates.
My first one was derived from Lovecraft's famous (or at least it should be famous) long story, The Shadow Over Innsmouth.  I wrote it from the perspective of one of the fish-men minions.  It's nothing special, but whatever.  My second one was a short thing about the age-old creatures from Yuggoth in The Whisperer In Darkness and other stories.  Again, nothing special.  My third one was a bit longer, and it's based on Lovecraft's stuff dealing with the Great Old Ones.  I wrote it from the perspective of a troubled sleeper who sees visions of the past and future in his nightmares.
I also wrote two others that are basically miscellaneous.  One is a weird bit about the world dying because of the destructive greed of men.  The other is an anti-religious piece, about breaking free from the chains of dogma and the illusion of faith, and being able to find one's own way.
Now that I wrote all of this, I don't really feel like posting any of the things anymore.  I'd at least like to polish them a bit, and maybe write some more first.  I might post some in the coming days/weeks.  I'm not a fan of blogging, but look for some ramblings on metal, NHL hockey, and major league baseball in the future as well.
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Makkis wrote on Aug 17th, 2007 6:44pm

Cool. Look forward to reading what you've written if you decide to post it. I sometimes write poetry myself but it's usually of the rhyming kind that you don't like.


megaderricka wrote on Aug 17th, 2007 6:58pm

Saying that I dislike it may not have been the right way to put it. It's more like, I can't write rhyming stuff b/c the ideas don't come to me in that form, so it's not really my style. Nothing wrong with rhyming overall though.


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