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Friday, April 24, 2009

Got a new guitar!

A beatiful black Les Paul Custom. Will upload photoes soon.
Very excited (still)
Am going to go and play him now :)Yes, he's a him. My other guitar is a girl, but this one looks more like a guy, I'm not sure why :)

If you are reading this, what genders are your guitars?
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Phantom Power supply?!?!

No, its not a power supply wearing purple latex. Its a power supple for condenser microphones. I didn't know you needed one of THESE!!!!
So i have to spend another $40 on top of the $210 I already spent to get the bloody microphone and lead itself!
anyone know any cheaper 48v phantom power supplies that are under $40? I'm looking at the behringer one at the moment...
any advice?
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Disposable Faces

Current mood: bitchy

I just had to do this for a weekend course I'm doin, we gotta write the intro to a story, nothin more, just an intro. So this is mine, whatdya think?

Disposable Faces

 'You're all shmancied up and you're not actin' the same way anymore.'
 'I'm on a new band-wagon now, and I don't want to hear you talk about me in such a way,'
 'But these people... everyday they put on their disposable faces and their orange skins, then all day they spend their timeholding a flip-top mirror at their noses. Mitchy, you know it's not right, whats happened to you?'
 I flinched at the sound of my name, 'Is it such a shock horror that I've finally made new friends? That I'm finally fitting in with the rest of the world?'
 'Is that what you want? To 'fit in' with them?'
 I glared at him, but said nothing.
 'And don't look at me like it's impolite for me to even think of mentioning your name.'
 At that I turned away, who was he to go jusdging me and my friends like that? He should be happy for me. I wasn't one of the losers anymore, I was popular. He just couldn't see that this was what I wanted deep down, but it was like Jess said 'Your not gonna get anywhere in life if you dont face the facts,' and at that moment the fact to me was that Jack was a no-one, he didn't have contacts and he couldn't help me get anywhere in life, there was no point in being his friend. He was holding me back...

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quit Band

Current mood: cheerful

I have officially quit the band I was in!
MAN that's a load off my chest...

I have numerous reasons...
    Too control freaky
    Covers must be EXACTLY the same as the song, according to him
    Cannot keep a beat
    Cannot count in/follow someone else's count

    Scared of microphone
    Moved to Geelong (the rest of uss live in inner Melbourne)
    Tries to manage us

All our music tastes are WAY too different, so we all have different opinions on how to do a song. We all DO write songs, but are too neervous to share them with one another (I'll show the guitar and I will show the owrds, but I'm a bit of a shitty singer :D).

And thats about it :D:D:D LOL the end of my Bitching :D:D
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Monday, January 07, 2008

NEW GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: ecstatic

I GOT A NEW GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent a few days in Allan's playing everysingle guitar that I liked in there for about 45 mins each... at one point one f the guys ased me to go in the "back room" because I was "disturbing" some of the other guitarists. LOL
 On the fourth day I found her. She was hanging in the "On Sale" section. She had been there for a while. As soon as I saw her, I was in love :D The Sound is very, very warm and she plays beautifully. 
 Because the pickups are so far apart (on the bridge and at the neck), she responds to my playing unlike any other fuitar Ive played. I highly reccomend trying these models out as they are superb! 

Yamaha AEX1500
ConstructionSet Neck
Scale Length25 1/4" = 640mm
Radius13 3/4" = 350mm
BodyAlder with Spruce Top
BridgeBone + Ebony
PickupsMini Humbucker + Piezo on Bridge
Pickup Switch3-Position
ControlsMaster Volume, Humbucker Tone, Piezo 3-Band EQ
ColorsAntique Sunburst, Natural

"It's the last guitar I'll be buying her!"
as said by my dad to the guy at the counter

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Whats inside my hollow wooden body

Current mood: chipper

Hey welcome to my first blog :)
I'm 14 years old, have played guitar for almost 8 yrs and still lovin it. I have had 4 different teachers. My first one didn't even know how to play guitar and taught me that there was not a Dsharp on the first fret of the D string, instead it just went straight to E. I had lessons with a friend back then, but he left because the teacher elled at him so much. 
 My 2nd teacher could only read TAB (I know most guitarists only read TAB, but this guy was a TEACHER) He didn't like me very much, becaus it took me a lesson or 2 to get the hang of reading TAB as well as I read sheet music. 
 My 3rd and most easy-going teacher I have ever had was AWESOME. Yeah, we learnt from the book and yeah he treated me more like a friend than a student, but that was all cool with me :D
 My current teacher is cool. I have private lessons with him at his house once a week. He teaches at the Victorian College of the Arts so hes pretty good at showing me all the theory as well as the fun stuff :D Hes cool so hopefull ill stay with him for a while :D

Thanks for readin
Be my friend?
I knwo im 14, but I play guitar lik i've been playin it half my life (wich i ahve :P) thankyou byebye

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