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Sunday, March 28, 2010

hello people!

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Hello :)
My name is Dan I am from Hungary and I was 15 this year.I started to play guitar 2 years ago and I started out with a Squier(Fender)Bullet Strat. I always wanted to play guitar. It all started when I watched a concert video of Guns N Roses -I believe it was the Tokio Tour back in the 90's. The first time I watched it I was about ... I don't know 5-6 years old. I watched it for hours and I just somehow couldn't stop watching it,,, not really watching it but hearing it. It was amazing.
The first time I heard Slash's guitar solos it was in the Godfather Theme, and I just loved the sound and the way he played, from that day on I always wanted to get a Gibson Les Paul (Back then,I didn't really know how much they cost :)) Of course now I now and I also know Epiphones and how nice they are. That's why i got one. You can read my review: Epiphone Les Paul 1959 Standard.. unfortunately when i finished writing my review I didnt check if i was signed in, so my review was published as "unregistered" user... anyway, keep reading.
I moved to Wales . I started playing the guitar in 2008 and my teacher is an amazing guitarst called John Rodge.
I am now playing for 2 years and I think I'm doing quite well. I took Music as an option for my GCSEs.
I enjoy listening to Classic Rock,Metal, and sometimes classical.
That's pretty much about myself and music.

Check out my Blog as well!
I will be blogging here whenever i have time!
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