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Monday, June 08, 2009

Ibanez - RG370DXL Reveiw

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Reviewed by: master_jamma, on june 08, 2009

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Price paid: A$ 1050


Purchased from: O'Sheas Electrical, Dalby  
Features: This guitar is one very solid piece! Its made in Indonesia and is only around 5 years old. I have been playing scince I was ten This is one of Ibanez's "Upper Market" guitars, costing an exxy $1050. It's a fair bit for a fifteen year old guitar-lover to fork out, but its worth every cent. This guitar runs with 24 "Jumbo" frets sitting on the top of a bolt-on "Wizard II" neck made from 3PC Maple. The fingerboard is made from the common rosewood, Standard with most guitars of this day and age.

The body is a sterdy "Basswood" cutaway shape, a medium heavy, but a perfect size. This guitar looks best in Black and comes with a gloss finish. The RG370DXL comes ready with an "Edge III" Tremolo. This Floyd Rose style setup is excellent for those massive bends and stays in tune fairly well. One problem I have discovered is that the whammy come loose from too much use. A good service can fix this but still and all.

It has three controls: A Volume control, A Tone control and a 5-Way Selector for all the more sound variations. There are three types of Pickups used on this model:

Neck: Ibanez INFINITY III - Humbucker (There are Two of these)
Middle: Ibanez INFINITY III - Single Coil
Bridge: Ibanez INFINITY IV - Humbucker (There are also Two of these)

The guitar came with the Whammy Bar and a lead but they are the only extras included. Yeaa sorry guys, no free strap and case with this one. This is a top quality guitar made from top quality gear to produce a mind-blowing sound. // 9
Sound: My style is Rock and Metal. Everything from ACDC to Metallica, and the RG370DXL lets me be in the action. This guitar is the Devil and The Angel thrown into one. The Humbuckers give that clean yet deafening effect to any Metal piece, but it also has a swift clean effect hidden deep inside somewhere. One other plus is that the harmonics on this guitar are incredibly steady.

I run this piece through a Zoom A1 effects pedal, into an Ibanez TBX30R amp. Some may say that 30 watt isnt alot of sound, but lets just say, I haven't been game to take it past the 3rd setting yet. My gear isn't the best, but it makes some lovely sounds when used correctly with the guitar. This guitar can generate almost any sound you desire, but it really shows of on a super distorted and bright sound. Keep it loud, and it will show its full potential. Its good on the softer stuff, but isnt really made for it. // 9
Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was delivered with a somewhat "overlooked" action. It wasn't the best I have seen. It gave off a load of unwanted buzz, but with a personal tweak, I got it sounding a little better. The pickups were spot on and level. The only flaw that i could find was the action problem, a miscoloured fine-tuner and the plastic cap on the switcher was not glued on properly. Otherwise, it was in good condition. // 8
Reliability & Durability: This guitar is suitible for a whole tour from the standards I have been presented with. The thick yet light body make things easier for the user. The bolt-on neck also makes the guitar more simple to fix if there is damage. The hardware is durable enough for a while, but not for a long period of time. It will definately need replacing in future. This guitar is high maintnance for me. Others may not be as fussy, but when it comes to music, It has to be perfect. It needs to be cleaned often and the cracks and crannies collect dust which looks tacky with the black finish.

I would take back up to a gig if I was using this guitar. Its reliable, but its few flaws make one concider "better be safe than sorry". // 7
Impression: This piece gives me shivers. It works with my style in both sound and visuals. Its got a tough look and tough sound to go with it. I shopped around for about 6-8 months looking for the right guitar for me and this guitar did it. It had all of the things I was searching for in a guitar. It had styleand sound so it had to be good! One downfall of this product is the pricetag. Its a fair bit to pay when your only fifteen years old, but they have to make some profit.

I compared it to Jackson guitars and they were around about the same quality, about the same age and Jackson was really hard to beat, but it came down my gut instinct and I went with the Ibanez.

This guitar is exellent for an experienced learner and I would recomment Ibanez Guitars to anyone in search of a set of new strings. // 9
This reveiw and many more can also be found at itars/ibanez/rg370dx/index.html

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