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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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I decided to post my first blog entry here about the track "Delerium", since, although the mix has plenty flaws in its elements, I actually feel it is officially the first REAL nice sounding mix I've ever done, and the beginning of a serious journey of learning higher grade methods in recording.

Just so you are informed and so that much of any lack of professional quality some of the sound of this track makes sense, please note that I don't currently own an amp right now. I recorded every guitar channel strait though an interface. The drums are (as you can probably tell kind of obviously) generated from EZDrummer's drum engine.

In the process of recording and mixing this track, I did a great deal of researching and testing methods of mixing metal guitars with drums and bass in my scenario and I feel I was pretty successful in initiating a lot of what I learned. At one point I actually ran into a road block in the mixing software I am using (REAPER 4.13) with running out of CPU power, and then learned how to "freeze" tracks so that I can take a snap shot of every guitar's track with its guitar effects so that the guitar effects themselves aren't loaded and running for them anymore. I know this is probably not the proudest thing to announce I had to do, but it got the job done!

Keeping in mind that this mix, like all of them probably shall be, was experimental in nature, in many ways. I decided to use 4 tracks of distortion rhythms (two panned all the way out, two panned slightly inward), 2 tracks of clear channel electric, 2 tracks of one lead guitar for the solo, one bass guitar track, and the drum engine divided up into 8 separate tracks for the various pieces.

I found myself nit-picking with the track so much I nearly lost my mind. I should remember to take more breaks, and spread my time with working with the song out over a longer period of time.

To the untrained ear, it might not be immediately noticeable, but I feel that the clear channel tracks were too loud during the verse sections. Although I confirmed this, I didn't feel like going back to correct it since I was just plain sick of messing with it and I JUST wanted to get it the freakin' thing out and uploaded somewhere so I can move on and take the mistakes I made in this song in memory to keep in mind through the next round.

Anyway, I'm sure there is lots more that can be said about this track both good and bad but I'll end this here for now and leave any  more thought about it to forum/comment discussion.

I hope you enjoy Delerium and I can't wait to get any feedback on how it sounds to you guys.

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