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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 12 Vocalist: The Manager Choice

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1.)    Ely Buendia ( The Legendary Frontman)

A prolific songwrite, guitarist and vocalis of the then Legendary band Eraserheads. With his ingenuity in songwriting patrolled by some of the songs such as Alapaap, Pare ko, And the internationally acclaimed and award winning. Ang Huling El Bimbo, gives him the respectable esteem. “The Legend”

2.)    Rico Blanco ( Genius Songwriter)

 The guy standing tall and brilliant amidst columns of rocks artists. The man spearheading Rivermaya’s hey days through intelligent renditions and penning of songs. In particular, blame it to his indulgence in the musical themes of world events such as United Nations MDG theme Tayo Tayo and South East Asian games, Possible that he rightfully deserves his lot.

3.)    Yael Yuzon ( The Winsome Vocalist)

 A charismatic vocalist of one of the most coveted contemporary rock acts. Sponge cola. A young blood in every gal’s fantasy, teasing every fiber of their soul with his effervescent, incantation. Who dared missed their chart-topping single,Movie, Tuliro, Nakapagtataka, Ost Bitiw,.

 4.)    Chito Miranda ( Frontman Par Excellence)

    The skinny and not so skinny head vocal of the band Parokya Ni Edgar.  Partners in crime with the band’s gag and comical antics. This man’s inventiveness and square leadership serves a core in imperative that unities their members into one fold of enduring band of the days amidst their comical figures.

5.)    Marc Abaya ( Frontman with An Edge)

 His charm comes in a hefty package of nice and finer vocal exoduc, plus their crispier instrumental and rock projection. Marc’s plus factor, in addition to, is their songs’ honest and frank meanings. The group’s manifestation of non-dichotomous identity between their music and their individuality; their music as well as their message, brought them sizeable musical esteem.

6.)    Bamboo Manalac ( The Enigmatic Frontman)

     Who would dare forget this superbly energetic vocal punk who’s famed in triumphantly? Hailing Hallelujah to the top of his Spirit, A former buddy of the renowned rivermaya and now the resounding head vocals of he new found band Bamboo. Best Know for his incredible vocal Projection with a share of scat rapping worthy of a musician cum laude.

7.)    Japs Sergio ( The Voice Behind The Light)

    One of the study figure of the Rivermaya’s wobbling musical carer ( as of the present). One of the last three pillars standing for the Rivermaya’s fate. Japs’s penning endeavor for the song Sayang is consolation enough for the band and for the faithful supporters behind them looking for clarity for the band’s recent predicaments. Truly ,Jap’s spirit to-the-rescue is the voice behind the light that gives Bagong Liwanag to Rivermaya’s dark moments.

8.)    Ney Dimaculangan ( The Vocal Worth Waiting For)

    The undisputed rocking chum of one of the significant rock acts of the day 6 cycle mind. Ney’s unique vocal range and unparallel quality bring him to a level-up as defined on their singles such as Sige, Trip, Upside Down indeed a vocal worth waiting for.

9.)    Ebe Dancel ( Songwriter With A Pro)

    Here comes another rock sensation with incomprehensible wrting agility coupled with bubbling voice qualiy harpooning every one’s heart into a world of awe. Ebe is Sugarfree’s lead vocal of a them same three-piece band. With the band’s enduring existence since 1998, gotta be sure of their tough musical experience and poular rapport is beyond reasonable doubt.

10.) Kean Cipriano ( The Rock Glamor)

11.)Ruben Caballero ( The Vocal Who Knows)

 12.) Miro Valera ( Vocal Of Unity)




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