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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 12 Vocalist: The Manager Choice

1.)    Ely Buendia ( The Legendary Frontman)

A prolific songwrite, guitarist and vocalis of the then Legendary band Eraserheads. With his ingenuity in songwriting patrolled by some of the songs such as Alapaap, Pare ko, And the internationally acclaimed and award winning. Ang Huling El Bimbo, gives him the respectable esteem. “The Legend”

2.)    Rico Blanco ( Genius Songwriter)

 The guy standing tall and brilliant amidst columns of rocks artists. The man spearheading Rivermaya’s hey days through intelligent renditions and penning of songs. In particular, blame it to his indulgence in the musical themes of world events such as United Nations MDG theme Tayo Tayo and South East Asian games, Possible that he rightfully deserves his lot.

3.)    Yael Yuzon ( The Winsome Vocalist)

 A charismatic vocalist of one of the most coveted contemporary rock acts. Sponge cola. A young blood in every gal’s fantasy, teasing every fiber of their soul with his effervescent, incantation. Who dared missed their chart-topping single,Movie, Tuliro, Nakapagtataka, Ost Bitiw,.

 4.)    Chito Miranda ( Frontman Par Excellence)

    The skinny and not so skinny head vocal of the band Parokya Ni Edgar.  Partners in crime with the band’s gag and comical antics. This man’s inventiveness and square leadership serves a core in imperative that unities their members into one fold of enduring band of the days amidst their comical figures.

5.)    Marc Abaya ( Frontman with An Edge)

 His charm comes in a hefty package of nice and finer vocal exoduc, plus their crispier instrumental and rock projection. Marc’s plus factor, in addition to, is their songs’ honest and frank meanings. The group’s manifestation of non-dichotomous identity between their music and their individuality; their music as well as their message, brought them sizeable musical esteem.

6.)    Bamboo Manalac ( The Enigmatic Frontman)

     Who would dare forget this superbly energetic vocal punk who’s famed in triumphantly? Hailing Hallelujah to the top of his Spirit, A former buddy of the renowned rivermaya and now the resounding head vocals of he new found band Bamboo. Best Know for his incredible vocal Projection with a share of scat rapping worthy of a musician cum laude.

7.)    Japs Sergio ( The Voice Behind The Light)

    One of the study figure of the Rivermaya’s wobbling musical carer ( as of the present). One of the last three pillars standing for the Rivermaya’s fate. Japs’s penning endeavor for the song Sayang is consolation enough for the band and for the faithful supporters behind them looking for clarity for the band’s recent predicaments. Truly ,Jap’s spirit to-the-rescue is the voice behind the light that gives Bagong Liwanag to Rivermaya’s dark moments.

8.)    Ney Dimaculangan ( The Vocal Worth Waiting For)

    The undisputed rocking chum of one of the significant rock acts of the day 6 cycle mind. Ney’s unique vocal range and unparallel quality bring him to a level-up as defined on their singles such as Sige, Trip, Upside Down indeed a vocal worth waiting for.

9.)    Ebe Dancel ( Songwriter With A Pro)

    Here comes another rock sensation with incomprehensible wrting agility coupled with bubbling voice qualiy harpooning every one’s heart into a world of awe. Ebe is Sugarfree’s lead vocal of a them same three-piece band. With the band’s enduring existence since 1998, gotta be sure of their tough musical experience and poular rapport is beyond reasonable doubt.

10.) Kean Cipriano ( The Rock Glamor)

11.)Ruben Caballero ( The Vocal Who Knows)

 12.) Miro Valera ( Vocal Of Unity)




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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christian Inspired

 Newly awarded a Platinum award for his latest album. Christian is truly raining to go on stage for this particular concert since it will showcase his life’s many inspirations, at the same time, make use of state-of-the-art visual presentation technology that will surely change the face of local concert productions.

 The concert will highlight the use of “Watch Out”, an enormous multi-display presentation technology with the dimension of 9x42 feet that will surround the stage. It is the same projection technology that Celion Dion uses in her long-running show at Colosseum, Las Vegas Strip. “There are so many people that inspire me, people that I am so grateful for. I feel that I have the best job in the world. I get to perform with great musicians, and most creative artists and directors. I get to sing to very appreciate audiences” says Christian “But I want to offer something new to concertgoers this time around. We are currently in the process of putting the show together with stage director Freddie Santos, and technical director, Mart Miranda, who owns the “Watch Out” screens. The use of this technology will surely contribute a lot to the exciting look of the show. With this system, we are only limited by our creativity and imagination”




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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Explovise Finale To The Record-Breaking Tribut

The album Kami nAPO Muna Ulit, in retrospect, was triumphant with a certification of 4x platinum, award having sold-out 125,000 copies in less than six months coupled with the 2007 Awit Awards “Best Selling Album of the Year”. A tribute album saluting Apo Hiking Society whose copious contributions to the Philippine music industry is remarkably overwhelming.

 Now a more resplendent and resounding sequel labeled Kami nApo Muna Ulit is hot and freshly baked on record bars and stores. Kami nAPO Muna Ulit is being hailed by the most promising and musicall endowed groups:Kamikazee,Parokya Ni Edgar, Mcy Fundales with the The Spaceflower Show,Radioactive Sago Project, Up Dharma Down, Shamrock, Scrambled Egss, Apo All-Star, Dicta License, Hilera, Paramita,Imago, Itchyworms, Chilitties.The same gentlemen will bring APO’s novelty song’s to life again such as: American Junk,Salawikain,Princesa,Saan Na Nga bang Barkada,Tuyo nang damdamin,Syotang Pang-class, Suntok sa Buwan, Hanggang May Pag-ibig, Tuloy ang Ikot ng Mundo, Heto Na, Love Is for Singing, Kaibigan, Mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba, Show Me A smile, Lumang tugtugin.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Meet Jayson Fernandez

Since Rivermaya’s unsteady moments when they lost their man frontman, we’ve been left wandering and dumbfounded of who would take the chance to make the group whole again. It wasn’t a long time since the band and their management scouted for the gone among the thousand willing souls. At that momentum, the Rivermaya’s circle and management was left hanging air in the mid-air, eagerly and patiently waiting and critiquing walk-in contestants. Among the many daring individuals that perhaps not so different from the others, one stand and radiates the most that brought comely resonance on the questers senses. Jayson Hernandez , an 18 year-old fair skinned; a tall and not so tall guys of height of 5 feet and 8 inches from Manguisoc, Camarines Norte. One among the 500 hundreds wannabes,  one among final thirteen, and the last man standing at the final day of reckoning. Now the stands with redefined pride side-by-side with this musical cronies-Mark Escueta, Mike Eldgar, and Japs Sergio

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Come And Unveil the Wonders Behind

    A musical triumvirate that creatively harmonized various musical colors; from jazz, soul, punk, RNB, to rock n’ roll, definitely making their own definitive musical identity in the Philippine music industry. While others are dancing with concurrent and stereotypical musical crowd. Sinosikat? Are doing their own thing the way they define music at their own sense of inventiveness.

Sinosikat? Had their official entry on the Philippines musical mainstream September of 2004 with a hefty support from the generous individuals of the industry like Mong of Chicosci Guitarist, Ira Cruz and Drummer Vic Mercado of Bamboo and others, Beside theirs acquaintances boost their group to level-up. They were pals since 1999 and have had the same auditory taste for music.

Sinosikat? Are of individuals spearheaded by Kat Argarrado on vocals, Nick Azarcon on guitars and Reli de Vera on drums, all came with previous groups or band exposures.

           As much as we are in dire need to know more about them by their self-emanating title Sinosikat”, they themselves are answering us here for free. It’s in no other than their debut and self-titled album Sinosikat? Under Warner Music Philippines jampacked with ten digitally mastered Tracks: Akin ka, So Blue, Praning, Telepono, Pag-ibig, Magic, Tragic Beautym Prayer, Turning My Safety off and sino?


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Sugarfree Sweetens the Museum


          Sugarfree never tasted this sweet. For the Sugarfree fanatics, supporters, advocate and whatsoever, this must have been the sweetest evening they’ve ever tasted. Like a sugary sweet stuff, the cool venue, in one phenomenal night of September 29, was swarmed by music hungry earthlings. And these threesome musical hot guys justly gave justice to the masses tickets worth.


            It’s a potpourri of a searing hot and cold, cold and hot evening from inside out of the concert’s venue, no other than the famed Music Museum strategically nestled at Greenhills Shooping Central, San Juan, Metro Manila. The weather from the outside was gloomy and stormily foreboding; nonetheless it’s not tough enough to arrest the evening event. From the inside, tickets are sold out. Hungry souls are still on the queue for sits, with few more, an SRO (standing room only) audience is almost done.


       Just after we have redeemed free passes for press, just waited for few moments for the set to be opened for all those who hold admissions. Of course guys with defined tasks are freewheeling gets access both in the orchestra and backstage.


     The event was commenced respectively by the Philippine National Anthem, as spearheaded by Manila Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Chino David. Without much ado, the big night for Sugarfree starts rolling, with audio-video presentation, televised and well documented. A generous applause roared and reverberated the peopled venue as the threesome presence of the band members individually sprouted from somewhere else. Ebe Dancel pulled the first string together with appealing presence which keeps the crowd stirred up to the top of their lungs. Backed by another members Jal Taguibao (on bass) and the recent to their fold Kaka Quisimbing (on drums) together with the strings and wind ensembles of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, off they go rocking the night keeping us hot and elated despite the centralized air conditioning system of the hall.



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Monday, December 17, 2007

Letter from the Management: Orange and Lemons Disb


Orange and Lemons has disbanded. The band’s parting of ways became official last September 29, 2007. The letter of disbandment was agreed upon and accepted by band manager Bong Baluyot of No Seat Affair! and the band Orange and Lemons.



          Signed by Mcoy, Clem,Jm and Ace, the letter of disbandment stated “We finally decided to disband due to individual and musical differences with each other. This decision is collectively made and approved by all of us and thus, seeks pre-termination of artist contact”


            This disbandment letter was accepted and approved by their record company-Universal Records- and they also released their official statement regarding this matter.


            Orange and Lemon’s has come to a sudden end just when the song “fade” is being played in some radio stations. “Fade” is the single from the album Moonlane Gardens to be released by Universal Records. Orange and Lemons latest and last album Moonlane Garden is still available in all record stores nationwide,



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