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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why is food unregulated?

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I really like the Heart Attack Grill. And yet I haven't been, and don't really plan on going. If I pass one and I'm in the mood, I may stop by. No promises.

Link to their website:

So why do I love the place so much? It's not only because their waitresses are all hot chicks wearing almost nothing, but it's because they're honest. They're saying, "Fuck health, this shit's delicious." And they're completely upfront about it. There are so many unhealthy things out there masquerading as health foods that it makes me sick.

These guys say, "Yeah, we're unhealthy. But face it, you know you want us in your mouths." And I like that. It's blunt, it's brash, but it's upfront.

Many people are saying, "Places like this should not be allowed to operate! It's ridiculous!" 

Yeah? What about places that don't tell you that the "salad" you're about to eat contains about 6,000 calories? You can't really see or taste what goes into something until you've smelled or tasted it. Hell, nobody is going into the Heart Attack Grill under any illusions. I can understand *barely* if you're complaining about fast food places advertising certain menu items of theirs as health foods. But complaining that this place exists?

We live in a somewhat free country where we are allowed to make choices. The government is allowed to tell us what substances we put in our body, which is how certain drugs are illegal. But let me ask you a question. When heart disease or other fat-related diseases kill more people a year than all the drugs in the world (and all other drug related activities) and food is most certainly addictive and causes a high, why oh why does food remain as unregulated as it is?

I honestly cannot tell you the answer to that question, but as long as it is relatively unregulated, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET PEOPLE EAT THEIR GODDAMN CHEESEBURGERS!

The only time I really talk about how bad food is for you is when idiots I know spout bullshit they learned from D.A.R.E. in 5th grade. Which happened recently.

So getting back to my question, food is very addictive. And something that makes it more addictive than it naturally is, is that people don't recognize it as a drug, which is what it is. Many substances are "drugs" in one form or another, because they elicit neural responses in some way. Lots of heavy food (Thanksgiving meal) makes me sleepy just like the right amount of booze does. Smelling and tasting something delicious enough can give me a high and a rush like other drugs. 

Just because food is legal doesn't mean it's less dangerous than illegal drugs. For example, there are many drugs out there that are legal that will fuck you up way more than any weed or illegal psychotropics or hallucinogens or coke or heroin. And I've tried some of them. Many of these can be purchased at convenience stores. Almost all convenience stores near my college sell them. Banzai, JWH, Spice, Space, K2, Blue Chill, etc. are all synthetic drugs that are legal. And all are stronger than weed. And probably worse for you. But I'm not sure, because I'm not a doctor and haven't examined these substances.

I think weed should be legalized, as I'll be posting in a subsequent blog very soon. And not because, "Well, man, it, um, like, feels good, man. And it's really, like um, not that bad for you, man." Because that's not a logical reason. No, I was thinking about it and came up with something I'd never heard before. So my question is, if food--something unquestionably worse for you than weed--is unregulated, shouldn't weed be? 

No. It shouldn't. That's a stupid argument, many will say, because there are billions of people out there who eat and yet are not fat. Eating doesn't result in fat, eating unhealthy without adequate exercise results in fat. Yeah. Right. The first thing you do to lose weight is diet adjustment. I don't care how much you work out, you will not be losing much weight and living a more heart-healthy life if you eat several Big Macs a day. Diet is the most important part to maintaining health. Well, breathing and water are pretty important too. Plus, people don't crash cars and kill people on food.

Correct. Weed should be regulated. But tell me: when someone is in a car and they go into cardiac arrest because their arteries are blocked and they start swerving or lose consciousness, is that so different from people who are affected by their drug (be it weed, booze, etc.) getting into accidents? Both are experiencing the negative effects of their substance that caused the accident. And unless the guy's genetics blocked his arteries and he only ate lettuce, chickpeas, and mangoes and ran 16 miles every day, you won't convince me that his heart attack was not his fault.

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