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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It Still Amazes Me...

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To be honest, I don't really know what I'm about to write, I was just doing some thinking :)

I've been into music since I was like 12, got my first guitar at 13 and started playing it properly at 14. Over that time, I've listened to thousands of songs and learnt to play hundreds, while even starting to write a few of mine. Even before I got onto the music scene, people had been writing music for thousands of years, different styles, different instruments, the lot. So how the hell, is it remotely possible, that we're still coming up with new songs?!?

With hundreds of instruments each with so much variation, you'd have thought there'd be a few duplications around. Let's just look at it from my point of view, from behind a guitar. A standard electric guitar has 6 strings, and 22 frets. There are 12 different notes, each can be played in 2 positions on any string, covering 4 different octaves, in total there are 132 possible notes, taking into account the different positions to play each one. And yet, people are still coming up with totally original music! How?! Chords get even more complicated, as each one has the variations of major and minor as well as hundreds of other different possible ways to play them to suit different keys and different styles, but I won't go into that too much.

It just completely amazes me, how we still write things which no one else has EVER played before. Just last week I started writing a song. I wrote the backing guitar with chords and finger picking melodies, and that alone has almost definitely NEVER been played in the same order, style or position as I played it. Then I recorded it, and started to improvise lead guitar melodies over the top until I had a verse and a chorus. What I just cannot understand, is how the human brain can create 100% original melodies and chord structures totally at random. So yes, I knew the scale I was improvising with, but there are hundreds of thousands of millions of possible different melodies that I COULD have played in that scale, in that position on the neck, yet alone if I'd spread out and used all 4 octaves and every string.

I simply just don't understand how people are still writing original music, it totally blows my mind!

Then you bring a band into it... but that'll take too long to talk about, I'm done :P
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