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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Loser Which Is The Music Industry

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Ok so when I first thought of doing a blog, I had literally no clue what to do one about, I was just bored!! So I thought I'd kick it off by starting with something that's been a personal interest and pet hate for years... the modern music industry.

I remember when I was about 12 and I started getting into music, I used to watch/listen to Kerrang! the music channel every day when I came home from school. I loved hearing all these bands, one after the other, day after day. Although everyone is exposed to a whole world of music past and present when they first take an interest, I didn't waste much time before I was picking out my favourites and keeping my ears open for new bands. Nickelback were already running wild but I found them just after "All The Right Reasons" which was a good time to stumble upon such a good band. Lostprophets had been at it for a few years but I happily watched them hit the mainstream with hits like "Last Train Home" and "Burn Burn". Then I saw Paramore go from that band 2 or 3 people talked about but never really paid attention to, up to the huge band that gigs Wembley. I'll get to Paramore later...

For a few years, my friend's were always subject to me coming into school and rambling about the band I found last night or the CD I just put on my MP3 player, I was always stumbling on new songs and new bands by the week if not the day.

The trouble is, ITS ALL STOPPED!!! Now I have to put in so much effort, trawling through Youtube and and such to try and find a band worth listening to. It's not that creativity has disappeared or that the world has run out of good musicians, but it's all because of the bloody music industry! This brain dead system has taken all the originality and all the raw, genuine talent out of modern music. For the moment, just put aside whether or not you like a band I may use as an example, and just try to understand. 5 years ago I could easily expect to go home, turn the tv on and hear a band who (although being the same genre) would have a unique sound without being disappointed. For the last 2 or 3 years, things have started to change dramatically. It got to a point where before I even realised it, all the good new bands had disappeared and it was all the same stuff being played. Little did I realise, the "same stuff" was actually a new group of "bands".

The bands I'm talking about, are the ones (the first ones I noticed before I stopped caring) like You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Boys Like Girls, the list carries one. I won't deny that they do have some catchy songs between them, but they suck. I despise what they stand for in almost every conceivable way. I'll be totally honest, the first time I ever heard a You Me At Six song followed by Kids In Glass Houses, I genuinely didn't realise they were a different band. It's that Indie scene, where everyone is trying to be The Killers' next generation. It's those bands that SOMEHOW manage to get some kind of cult consisting of the 13 year old girls who scream at some sort of ultrasonic frequency at the mention of the band, for literally NO reason.

Bands used to be 100%, they'd write stuff because it was the style they liked and it expressed themselves but now it's all turned into a contest to see who can make crap sound better. Somewhere along the line, the guys in charge have decided that no one likes good music any more, so they'll pick a random area of the market and make it so that EVERYTHING fits and then claim that they produce what people will buy.

I said I'd come back to Paramore, so I will. They're a perfect example of how the industry screws people over. Before the band even knew what was happening, Hayley's manager already had his teeth in and had already begun to manipulate everything. If you don't know what I'm talking about then read into it, Antiquiet has a pretty good article on it. The producers and managers went to such extremes to make it all LOOK genuine, that they even transferred their record label in order to make it appear as if they were a small time garage band who made their own way onto the scene.

There are still good bands, making good music, just not as many as there used to be. A lot of them have fallen to the other dark side of the industry, the sell outs. So many bands have moved from the roots they started from and have ended up changing they're styles completely in order to please the mainstream. Lostprophets came very close with Liberation Transmission, and Nickelback pushed their luck with "Gotta Be Somebody", but they still kept a hold of the good stuff that made them good in the first place.

The bottom line is, that when a band develops that way naturally then that's normal and I think that's great, every band is supposed to develop as they move forward. It's when the industry forces it to happen that I get annoyed.

So yeah, there's my first blog!! I don't imagine I'll have a strong enough opinion to write so much on a frequent basis, but yeah I like good music! Thanks if you could be bothered to read it all...
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