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Harlequin Forest - Opeth   (11:11)
Cover of Opeth' s "Harlequin Forest".

Guitars are my Cort X-11 w/NB+CS and an Indie Swamp 4 into the POD Studio GX and POD Farm, into Reaper with Steven Slate Drums.

Nailbomb used for the main riffs and the "atmospheric" sounds near the end.
Cold Sweat for the harmonies
Mixed as humbuckers for the acoustic parts. { Tags : harlequin, forest, opeth, bareknuckle, cort, x11, indie, swamp, steven, slate, drums, nailbomb, cold, sweat }
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Come Clarity - In Flames (solo cover)   (01:26)
My cover of the chours and solo form In Flames' "Come Clarity". Not great, but killed some bordom.
Used my SG in my Engl for guitar, Ibanez BTB755 into the Hiwatt for bass and an old Yamaha keyboard into the bass amp for that short piano bit. { Tags : flames, come, clarity, cover, engl, screamer, epiphone, ibanez, btb, hiwatt, emg }
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Silent Hill Theme cover   (02:47)
Theme from 1st Silent Hill game.
Used Cort X-11 with Bare Knuckle Nailbomb and Cold Sweat, Ibanez BTB775 and Line 6 Pod Farm { Tags : clean, acoustic, silent, hill, bare, knuckle, nailbomb, cold, sweat, cort, ibanez, five, string }
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Palahniuk's Laughter cover   (03:51)
Recorded through a Line 6 POD Studio GX in POD Farm.

Guitars are done with my Epi SG Prophecy tuned drop B:
Distortion using the Dual Rectifier model, soft lead with a Plexi and clean using the piezoacoustic amp.

Bass was my Ibanez BTB775PB with the Metal Theater preset.

Drums are from a UG Guitar Pro file, exported as a MIDI into Reaper and used to trigger Steven Slate Drums. { Tags : fightstar, palahniuk, laughter, guitar, bass, five, string, pod, farm, epiphone, prophecy, emg, ibanez, btb, steven, slate, drums, reaper }
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Unnamed, shot metal track   (02:50)
A re-recording of something I came up with a while ago. Tuning is C#standard.

Cort X-11 w/Bareknuckle Nailbomb and Cold Sweat pickups > POD Farm (noise gate only) > Reaper. Two tracks using a Tube Screamer vst, Poulin Le456 vst (Engl Powerball sim) and Guitar Hack cab impulses.

Indie Swamp 4 > POD Farm > "Prog Metal Chops" preset + Classic Distortion > Reaper

Steven Slate Drums EX > Metal Hybrid kit > Reaper { Tags : original, metal, cort, bareknuckle, nailbomb, cold, sweat, indie, swamp, steven, slate, drums, sharp, vst, amp, sim, guitar, hack, impulses }
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Behind Space cover   (05:05)
Cover of In Flames' "Behind Space", the Lunar Strain version, but tuned to C instead of D and with the acoustic bit at the start, not the end.

Guitar is my Cort X-11, into a Line 6 Studio GX, into Reaper. Distorted parts use POD Farm's noise gate.

"Acoustic" tone: NB + CS together using POD Farm's piezoacoustic amp
Distortion tone: Nailbomb>Tubescreamer VST>TSE 30X>Catharsis impulses
Bass: Ibanez BTB755 with POD Farm's "Rock Classic" amp { Tags : behind, space, flames, bareknuckle, bkp, nailbomb, cold, sweat, melodic, death, metal, lunar, strain, ibanez, btb, string, vst, amp, sim, reaper }
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Demon of the Fall - Opeth   (05:09)
{ Tags : demon, the, fall, opeth, bareknuckle, pickups, nailbom, cold, sweat, pod, farm }
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