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Monday, March 21, 2011


so recently i took a close look at this pick i been using for idr how long and it looked pointed.... im pretty sure ive used this a little more then a year. and i have like about 21 picks collected on my amp.  how long should one use a pick?:dance:
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Friday, January 07, 2011

what the hell....

so like in august i bought a classical guitar from a flee market.. pretty decent condition.... few cracks here n there but overall good.  it was missing the e (1) tuner. it had both metal and nylon strings on it too wich was odd. and  during Christmas i replaced  the tuners with some shiny ones XD   then went to GC for some strings, the guy recommended nylon which is understandable. i opened them up and found they had no stopper at the end, which i needed. so i tied a knot (probibally a big mistake)  and went with that.... i think my first clue it wasnt going to work was the fact the e was always pulling out when i was trying to put it on.... not a week later the b pulls out and as i tried to redo it, it snapped... so like what the hell?  should i use metal or find some nylon with stoppers at the end?
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Friday, October 22, 2010

make own neck yes, no?

so i have a custome made flying v with a warpped neck, i want to replace it with one that i hope to make this winter.... if i copy the neck would it make it easier? and are truss rods really nessicary, cause i dont think it has one (which might have cause the sidewarping to begin with)  so any tips would be awsome. thx
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Thursday, August 26, 2010


:wtf:so like went to a flee market out of boredum and saw a classical guitar in decent condition. bought it for $5 and all in needs is a new set of tuning keys and strings.. not bad to fuck with untill i get a better one XD:haha:
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Monday, May 10, 2010


Current mood: meh

so this morning i wrote this and posting it cause i think its pretty good. tell me what ya think and if you have a riff to add comment it XD
Im so numb right now
tried to stop it , i dont know how
hours pass, couldnt sleep
what the hell happened? i havnt heard a peep in a week
id loved you forever, now youve told this lie.
tell me baby why was there another guy? 
venom courses through my veins!
a galloping horse and the devil controls the reins!
pills i swollow! in blood i wallow!
i love you stil i hope you do too.
cant see a damn thing without thinking of you
darling please, come back home, i cant stand being alone
your all that i have, dont go away
venom courses through my veins!
a galloping horse and the devil controls the reins!
pills i swollow! in blood i wallow!
its been a month now, why wont your write?
this noose in our room, but i dont have the might
a letter with your scent, smells fresh like pepperment
"honey im sorry" it began "im comming home now i love you forevermore" then it ended
tears build up but strenght defended. my baby is home!
oh thank god your home! kisses placed on your lips as we embrace
memories of the past have been erased
so thats it, again if you have a riff idea let me know and same goes for lyrics :wavey:
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

ehhh tuning help

 how do i tune down fior the song hard to see by five finger death punch?:confused:
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Friday, May 01, 2009

help please.

so im trying to write some songs. one based on the poem i posted a week ago... so does anyone have any tips?
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

new guitarist

Current mood: creative

as the title stats im recently new at playing guitar, im teaching myself and know a few things. ie, hammer on, slide, that stuff. what i want to learn are some scales can anyone tab out or send me a credible site for guitar scales?
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