Fender: 1960's Telecaster (post customisation)

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My 2nd main guitar, very nice cleans, but its not ...

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liam177lewisa wrote on Oct 24th, 2007 9:25pm

again, ill comment here cause the description box seems to hate me.... this is my 2nd guitar, Fender 1960's (i think...) custom tele' reissue. the bigsby's a whole lot nicer than i thought it would be having bought it. my reasons for this purchase was simple - francis rossi, rick parfitt, and izzy stradlin.

the pickups were swapped to seymour duncan Area T's. The pots were of course changed to 500k's, with 0.22 caps, so it works with my amp n pedals set up for humbuckers. i also changed it to a 4-way tele mod switch. im also considering sticking a tone choke from kent armstrong in there somewhere.

i play with 11 gauge ernie ball's, in either EADGBE, EADGBD, 1/2 step drop or open G. being as its my secondary guitar, i dont confuse myself when i use alternate tunings lol.


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