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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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Often, the rank of a successful show is how many people show up, or how well you actually perform. This is simply not true. Although having a good-sized audience helps, and playing well is awesome, they shouldn’t be used as benchmarks for the success of a show. The success of a show should be dependent on one thing; education. Did you learn something from doing this particular show? If you learned something you’ve never thought of, or something you can apply next time to perform a better show, than that show was a complete success. I’ve done many shows, but no matter the crowd turn-out, or my physical performance, I’ve always made it a point to analyze the entirety of the performance to understand what I could do better next time. Typically the ideas you want to analyze are:

Marketing (Inviting friends and family, creating flyers, creating a buzz)

Setup (Setting up very fast and efficiently, and making sure you bring more than enough gear)

Performance (Playing well, and having showmanship)

Public Relations (Taking numbers, and e-mails to keep people informed, as well as get new gigs)

So the next time you play out, think about all these different aspects and hopefully, you’ll get a little better at each one with each new gig. ‘Till then, keep rockin’!

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