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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just Bought a Strat

Current mood: giddy

I just bought my friend Rhys's MIM Standard Strat, 3 tone sunburst, white colored fretboard, yay, lol, and it's great. For 150$, it came with a Fender Case, sounds good too me!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Current mood: happy

alright.....i am not a fan of metal or really hard new rock....but me, owning a schecter, checked out the artists for schecter and saw synyster gates on the list ( along with jery horton of pap roach) and decided to check out his stuff to see how he could play.....so i look up the song seize the day by A7X (avenged sevenfold) and i watch it......And OMG it totaly blew me away......it was such an emotional solo...i didn't think synyster gates was capablle of....well....not shredding out of his mind. So i guess the big lesson or moral in all of this is: Don't be closed minded people.....open up and check out things out of your comfot zone.....so i guess thats it........ok....peace out 'yall!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

top 10

post who you think are the top 10 guitarist's of all time...mine:
these are hard to decide...i'll think of 10 more 2maro and be mad i didn't mention them
1.jimi hendrix
2.eric clapton
3.jimmy page
5.chuck berry
6.duane allman
7.b.b. king
9.dicky betts
10. all collins/gary rossington
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

my new guitar

Current mood: cheerful

I just got a schecter c1 plus for my b-day (and christmas,easter,everything) and a line 6 spider 3 amp. this is by far the coolest amp i've ever used. it has 400 presets, and is a PERFECT combo with this guitar. and the guitar itself.....wow.........this is SO versitle. i'm only 12 but i've played many a guitar.....this is (to me) better then an epiphone les paul.....sg.....fender mexican or american strat.........the only guitar that i liked even close to as much was the tele......that was again wow......My dad got them for me cuz he is SOOO AWESOME....i can't beleive what a great combo these two make.....i recommend anybody looking for serious versitality, look into this guitar....and the amp is great for all styles to complement the schecter. Peace out and KEEP ROCKIN
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