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proggreive god (2)
Friday, May 15, 2009

music signature

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hey did you knew that some composers had a music signature.the first who did that was Johan Sebastian Bach.what he did is simple he took the letters of his name and he turned them into notes.so B in german music is Bflat,A is A.C is C and H is B natural.there you go.another great composer with a music signature is Dmitri Shostakovich.I know what you thing how the f**k did he made a music signature with this name?he took D from Dmitri and and he translated his sirname into german and he got Schostakovich and from that he kept the first three letters (SCH).ok so we've got D SCH.which in english music is D B C Bnatural.i hope you ll try to find your signature.as for me i m greek my name can't be turned into music signature in  no way
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proggreive god wrote on May 15th, 2009 10:29am

again wow.you really are great i didn't new such a thing exhisted.oh and i ll try to find my signature too thanks


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