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gumbilicious wrote on Jul 5th, 2011 7:14am

thx for invite


DTay47 wrote on Oct 25th, 2010 4:41pm

hey man, I heard you recently got a Line 6 M9, how do you like it?
I'm thinking of selling a bunch of my pedals (dd7, memory boy, bf2, sc10) to get this, since it should replace all of them. Do you think this is a good idea?


greeny23 wrote on Oct 13th, 2010 2:21am

noone ever is interested in overseas shipping...


greeny23 wrote on Oct 3rd, 2010 6:55am

wanna buy me that headrush?
ill PM you.


denied wrote on Aug 28th, 2010 5:51pm

did you ever get that muff??


forsaknazrael wrote on Mar 9th, 2010 7:35pm

On my phone. Definitely too much, since brand new the wampler is 200, and the OcD is 160. Plus the OCD is more well known and has better resale value.
I'd say 20 extra max, but tbh, if it were me, I'd shoot for a fair trade.


forsaknazrael wrote on Feb 25th, 2010 8:19am

Hey, I'm on my phone, but PM me back. Got the package, must have come in today. Out of curiosity, what's bills did you drop on the box?


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