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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Colored strings.... who knew?!

Current mood: shocked

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I woke up with the desire to obtain a set of bitchin' new guitar strings. Ever had that? It's a great feeling, filling you with desire, excitement, and unlimited expectation of what is possible. So off I went to the local music store to pick out some strings. Now I've never been one to pick one kind of strings and stick with them. I am always changing it up, trying something new, hoping one day to discover the strings that bring me that ultimate joy that will fulfill the unlimited expectations that I have. I searched for a while, turning down offers for help, knowing that this quest must be completed by one man with one vision and hope, that man being me. After about 10 minutes of dissecting various boxes, reading nickelplated this and bright tone that, I found ones that peaked in me a sort of curiosity. I have EXP strings on my acoustic, and quite enjoy them, so when I saw EXP strings for electric, I decided I would give EXP a shot at pleasing me again. The box said 'Red Devils' on it, which to me was cacaphonic and therefore extremely pleasing. So I purchased them. Once I arrived at home and scurried down to my basement, I opened the box, filled with excitement and intrigue. I laid out all the bags according to size, 6th string on left, to the 1st on the right. I removed my 6-4th strings. The next step was opening the 6th string bag. As I opened the bag, shock, mixed with awe and utter confusion, filtered through my eyes and into my brain. Yes. It nearly blew my mind. I then understood what red devil meant. I had purchased colored strings, something I was unaware even existed. Nevertheless, I applied them to my guitar, and though they are rather tacky and, dare I say, lame, I will stick it out and use them until they piss me off. So, if you've made it through this whole journey with me, I say thank you for reliving my saturday morning by my side. Quite eventful, if I do say so myself.
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