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Thursday, January 07, 2010

could this get any better??

Current mood: happy

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well, hell-o and howdy to you too, i just heard the new song by KT Tunstall called "Hazel Black" off the album "Seven Worlds Collide-The Sun Came Out". Ohhhh i knew it was her when i heard her sing, if u kno wot's good fer you please, check it out, no let downs! (mine as well check the whole album). And...:)just bought In Search of The Lost Chord by Moody Blues finally, was on my list but held off, dunno why. well it's awesome today..."GOOD DAY SUNSHINE!" (haha the beatles-revolver)
p.s. heard we're gonna get hit full-fledged w/white stuff from the starry heavens---snow you silly gooses!!:haha:
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