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Monday, July 06, 2009

thought of new guitar?

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Sooo...I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha acoustic guitar. I forgot the model name, but it has a cherry sunburst and the tuning keys are gold colored, and it plays like any taylor or martin. and the price ain't half bad, neither. but i'm not too crazy with it being a yamaha. after all, they do make skis, keyboards, Atv's, and so on so forth. you tell me, what is your opinion?
p.s. i just got slapped by one of my old guitar strings when it broke and now i'm trying to type this blog and fix my guitar at the same time!:eek:
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24WildRovers wrote on Jul 10th, 2009 2:48am

If you believe that it plays about as good as a taylor or a martin and is a fraction of the price then you should get it. Because it does not matter what name is on the headstock (Even though that is a very good bonus ;P) it is the sound and quality of the guitar that really matters. After you get this guitar then you have a decent guitar for right now and you can save your money for a custom Breedlove, Taylor, Martin or whatever you believe is the best guitar EVER!!!
Hope this helps :)


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