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Saturday, October 23, 2010

GGGGRRREAT it's Tiger Suit!

Current mood: artistic

Been a long time since i did anything on here-was facing a bout of technological hybernation. Bought the latest from KT...Cd/DVD version of "Tiger Suit"!! Had a hard time prior to the release not to listen to any of the singles she put out cos i wanted it to be a surprise to my ears. Well, "Push that Knot Away" was an exception :rolleyes: So yeah, am really feeling the electronic fuse with acoustic bond, very creative while listening to it on a rainy day as today is. Can i hear a holla for KT?!
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Monday, March 01, 2010

vancouver olympics!!!

Current mood: okay

oh man the hockey part really did something-first USA beat Canada, then Canada was like 'we're gonna tough up, we rule at our own sport in our own country we not gonna let you win' and they won. wow. well it was quite a show, though. i liked the figure skaters (South Korea won!!) yeah! Especially love Neil Young towards the end playing 'Long May You Run', fitting for the event but beg to differ, i think he shoulda played 'rockin in the free world'...:P
that's ok though; but they shoulda also have Rush play, after all they're Canadian too. AWwwww......
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

could this get any better??

Current mood: happy

well, hell-o and howdy to you too, i just heard the new song by KT Tunstall called "Hazel Black" off the album "Seven Worlds Collide-The Sun Came Out". Ohhhh i knew it was her when i heard her sing, if u kno wot's good fer you please, check it out, no let downs! (mine as well check the whole album). And...:)just bought In Search of The Lost Chord by Moody Blues finally, was on my list but held off, dunno why. well it's awesome today..."GOOD DAY SUNSHINE!" (haha the beatles-revolver)
p.s. heard we're gonna get hit full-fledged w/white stuff from the starry heavens---snow you silly gooses!!:haha:
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Sunday, November 08, 2009

a day filled w/Kill Bill + fuzz pedals

Current mood: blah

been thinkin of buyin my bro a fuzz pedal...maybe the danelectro cool cat one. those are very cheap but good quality my friend. (don't tell him its a surprise...heheh)
just got done watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2...gotta love the tall blue eyed japanese speaking chick playing with swords. Definetly in my top movies list, the movies they're coming out with now is crap, where is the creativity people? Ugggg...............:(
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

wha-? dude, rewind and play, (repeat)

Current mood: sleepy

so i discovered one of the most unique acoustic guitarists who oustandingly can't be rated by number or style...it's Justin King, and also Andy McKee!!! check em' out on youtube and you'll freak out like i did.:eek: totally awesome, good stuff. unbelievable and great. so 'til then see ya'll lay-ter.
kttunstallator 3  
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Monday, July 06, 2009

thought of new guitar?

Current mood: uncomfortable

Sooo...I'm thinking of getting a Yamaha acoustic guitar. I forgot the model name, but it has a cherry sunburst and the tuning keys are gold colored, and it plays like any taylor or martin. and the price ain't half bad, neither. but i'm not too crazy with it being a yamaha. after all, they do make skis, keyboards, Atv's, and so on so forth. you tell me, what is your opinion?
p.s. i just got slapped by one of my old guitar strings when it broke and now i'm trying to type this blog and fix my guitar at the same time!:eek:
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Let Me go Crrraaazzzy On You!

Current mood: happy

Okay, so I just learned "Crazy On You" by Heart. :down:But not only just the intro acoustic, but the lyrics and the rest of the chords. Awesome song that anyone who is a guitarist or has an interest in good music should listen to. Reminds me of Led Zeppelin type of music. Ohhhh...and for substitute with the drums----the snare in the beginning of the song when the electric guitar riff starts, I used a tambourine. Nice effect, but kinda hard to keep the steady rapid strum of the guitar.:wtf:
With much Love (love rules, by the way):wavey:
kttunstallator3 (see i don't just love kt!)
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Monday, June 08, 2009

i want a taylor acoustic/electric guitar soooooo b

Current mood: annoyed

man, i went to guitar center to mess around with some guitars and of course, the first thing that lures me in is the humidity-controled, woodsy paradise of guitars you wished you had, all in one sound proof room. I walked in the room specially for Gibson, Martin, and Taylor, some of the most prominent guitar companies out there. Sooooo...I picked up a Taylor cutaway (i think it was the grand auditorium model) with the fishman sonicore pickup...oohhhhhh. Pure delight to my ears. :D But the only thing that wasn't so hot was the price. :sad: 
ouch. i want one really bad.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

clap clap clap!!! woot!

Current mood: bouncy

clap clap clap!!! (or should I say jingle jingle!) :wtf:
i just got me a black pulse pro tamborine only for the serious players :haha:
it works great-it adds a lot to your music especially if ur solo like me with only a guitar and voice. also it is remeniscient of bob dylan of course.
truly yours,
p.s. by the way, you all should go to youtube to check out an awesome project that a brittish teacher came up with using one of kt's songs, "little favours". You won't be disappointed! type in "the tunstallator."
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