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Saturday, January 26, 2013

An abandoned profile?

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"An abandoned profile?" you ask?
Well, in short -- yes.
As one can see, I have pretty much stopped visiting UG on a regular basis, that's why I have six messages in my profile box, where as it use to be one every month or so... I'm no longer an active musician, that's why I've stopped visiting UG on a steady basis, and have left my profile un-updated for a while.
And that's how it's going to be, I am afraid.
But in the end it's nobody's lost, since I have about three acquaintances I actually conversed with on UG.
I'll still drop by, here and there, on the comments and such, though it has been a while since I saw any band I liked on the front page. 
Finally, those who wish so, may inquire about my Steam profile, where I am much active, since I have it running while I'm at home and actually use it for games and such. 
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