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Monday, January 02, 2012

A Light Dinner With...DRAGONS!

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The thing about dragons,George,my boy

is: that they are pretty overused.

Now that I have given this damning statement,let me explain what's exactly on my mind.The other day,while I was enthralled with the newest addition to my Steam account,the sublime TESV:Skyrim(a great game,though they have gutted the RPG element),I suddenly realized that I am wholly fed up with with dragons.Remember this comes from a man who was raised on S&S and Fantasy,and not from some average geek around the bend.As I parted with the game for the night,I started to think more deeply of this - my newest pet peeve.Looking back at the year behind me I found that I still had some warm feelings about these mythological beast; and with a cold mind and a sad heart I found that the underlying cause is much the same with my Quendophobia*. This all comes back to the aforementioned 'George' - G.R.R.Martin,of course,the man who has single-handedly ruined dragons for me for all times.


Well the entire series of A Song of Fire & Ice is based around a promise of dragons,and dragon riding. And though much of the dragonlore in ASOFAI is pretty much copied from Moorcock's Melnibonean cycle,Martin has indeed created a powerful intensive to sit down and read the whole series.Now if you're thinking that I'm apposed to ASOFAI just because I read the books before the HBO series,and that now I'm just angry because everybody else is now a semi-expert on the matter because of the HBO series.Well in that case,I can tell you that you are wrong,dead wrong.I love the series,though some parts of it have been unjustly toned down.It's the books I have problems with.
A Game Of Thrones(yes,it has a indefinite article before it) is a great opener.A Clash of Kings is my favorite book of the series,I have in fact went through the pain of profile setup to include it in my favorites list.But then comes A Storm of Swords,and some where towards the end of the first volume,a long heraldic course begins. Prince Aemon the Dragonknight this,and  Aerrys the Young Dragon this....and so fort.
A Feast for Crows is the best named book of all times,but for all the wrong reasons,since much of the book are actually vestigial tails and chapters from the previous book.Sure there is some girl-on-girl action which somewhat livens things up,even though it is mostly 'thrown in' and semi-plastic.Hither came A Dance...With DRAGONS! Which,despite the title has more to do with the two Melnibone-esque human characters,than with the winged ones.
So what has all of this have with my repulsion with dragons.
Well ol' George has been riling us with promises of dragons. "Dragons,up a head," and "There will be Dragons." And all that over the years,plus the fact that nearly every other fantasy book/story/game/series has something to do with dragons,has made them pretty overused,and unimaginative in most instances.
Oh yeah,in The Hour of the Dragon,the

dragon gets his ass kicked by a Lion.
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