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Monday, March 08, 2010

Nickle back at the olympic ceremonies

Current mood: pissed off

To all the Canadians, or at least those with working ears, out there, was anybody else dissapointed, or mortified, that Nickleback was the best performer at the Olympic closing ceremonies? Yes, I am talking about the same Nickleback you are thinking about: bunch of Alberta rednecks fronted by a bearded Madonna impersonator playing shitty, generic jock-rock for consumption by idiots everywhere. And yes, they were easily the best act that Canada put forth at the Olympic closing ceremonies.
How sad is that. Of all the awesome Canadian bands, Nickleback not only gets chosen, but proves to be the best act we show to the world. I realize many of my favorite Canadians (Alexisonfire, Propaghandi and Protest the Hero come to mind) are far too "hardcore" for such mass consumption, but come on, we have Billy Talent, Rush, Ten Second Epic and Blue Rodeo (they're country, and they are damn good). Hell, even Sum 41 can still put on an exiting show. But no, we cant send these bands, we have to send Hedley and some French electro-rock-crapshoot band, along with Nickleback.
Im simply venting my frustration in Canada's choice to cheapen our image to the world. We have a packed roster of legitimately talented bands and musicians who make music for the right reasons, and yet we send the most materialistic and incompetent "musicians" our fine nation has on tap.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

What do you hear in extreme metal

Current mood: curious

Okay, so Im a little bit curious about this one... Ive been listening to what I figured what pretty out there metal for some time, stuff like Protest the Hero, In Flames and Devil Driver. Now though, Ive hear some of the more extreme forms of death metal, black metal and noise metal and I must be honest, apart from the odd riff, all I hear is distrotion, kick drums and some growling.
I cant make out the lyrics, so I cant really assess if they are any good or not, but I really dont like the completely incomprehensible and atonal "singing". And I dont hear much other than a total mess on the musical front and as much as the drummers are probably wildly talented, Im not hearing much outside the kicks firing away as fast as possible.
What do people hear when ther're listening to this stuff?!
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