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Sunday, June 29, 2008

[ delete ]

Current mood: surprised

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[ deleted ]

Current mood: cheerful


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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sweet, Cute, Easy to get along with.

Current mood: cheerful

In Health we speed dated. As a freshman, I'm very intimated by all the upperclassmen, plus my lack of confidence and shyness wouldn't support me at all. We were also supposed to write anonymous compliments after the date and continue on our way. This is what I got:


good to talk too

Jessica likes Biology

your really cool, and interesting

nice, hope you don’t have cantu next year

very positive, nice person.

interesting cool happy

Really fun and mature

can’t believe you’re a fresh!!


You think I’m Attractive with a stash

Sweet, Cute, Easy to get along with.

She is coold and interesting

Nice, smart, and look good

She likes to hang out with friends

Cool, really fun, and really smart

hope to talk to you again

You left me speechless (on back) that’s a good thing =P


Those were in order that I drew them, grammer errors and everything. I honestly think that this assignment was to boost people’s confidence… at least it worked for me. :p

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fate is a Killing Machine

Current mood: restless

I was looking for the lyrics for that song for weeks. I was hoping I could go the easy way, maybe ask Yahoo! Answers if they could help me. You see, I was making a soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet for English, and that song defined the Prolouge. I had to use it. The night before the project was due, I was stressed. My blood pressure was probably so high I could have had a heart attack any second. I made the quick decision to try and figure them out myself, and I could understand the main points, but some things I couldn't make out. A great online friend noticed I had my myspace status as 'irritated' and asked why. I responed, explaining the situation, and he replied with all the lyrics typed out and as neat as possible. I almost cried. Now that the project was due Friday, this weekend I have another oral Spanish project due Monday.
The point is, what would I do without stress? Hell, I know my health would be so much better. I wouldn't be losing my hair. I wouldn't be moving/jittering all the time. My thoughts would be consumed with something more important than the next test. I wouldn't be shaking all the time. My breathing would become more steady. I would sleep more. I'd be happier. I'd have friends. I would be a few more chairs up in band. I'd have confidence.
My best friend and I deemed this week as the third most stressed week. First place goes to a week where we had a test/quizzes in every class everyday for a week. (Everyone proclaimed it.. so it was universal.) Second was rewarded to another project in Communication Applications where everything was on my shoulders. (It's a blow off class... so everyone is either failing or terrific. I was stuck with losers.) That same week was Region band tryouts. (HUGE competition.) And now I have to deal with this.
That same best friend and I were talking on the phone last night and I learned a few things about ourselves. She's a dreamer; I'm a worrier. During spring break I got into a huge fight with one of my close friends because she was worried about me... now I see her side. Recently my best guy friend has had some problems with his parents. I called him this morning and I couldn't believe how anxious I was for him. He told me not to worry and I nearly laughed out loud.
1. English project
2. Spanish project
3. Andrew
4. Geometry grade
I'm only a freshman too.
Haha if you read the whole thing, kudos to you. I'm only doing this because that same amazing online friend told me to write in a journal. He told me I'd have a lot to say about my high school years and it's very retrospective to go back and read through them in the future. UG is a great alternative. :)
I'm shaking doing this. I really should figure out how the hell the apothem will help me find the area of an octogon. But instead I'm freaking wasting time doing this.

The Rebel, The Dreamer, The Loser, The Genius.
I'd be gone without you guys. Except the third person listed. We're having some internal trouble going on. We're working it out.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

The greatest disappearing act... ever.

Current mood: shocked

I know it's notorious for UGers to bitch and whine in blogs, but this is just so terrible. I need to stand on my soapbox and scream.
He was the greatest band director. Ever. No lie. (Yeah, I'm a nerd.) He actually cared about the flutes! (:eek:) But in all seriousness, he was a great guy. He always carried a smile with his giant briefcase of woodwind rescue supplies and could make a sarcastic joke about anyone or anything, and everyone could drop everything to laugh. Yeah, he's one of those guys. He was a great friend, a terrific listener, and the best flute/clarinet/saxophone player I've ever heard. He actually had faith in me. He understood I get so damn nervous. He knows my talent and how much damn time is spent practicing and preparing. He knew. It was my duet, he knew it, and he gave it to me. He'd boost my confidence. (If you've never talked to me, you wouldn't know that my confidence is ZERO! I'm stubborn and it takes a lot for me to be proud of myself. Like actually believe I did something right.) "She's the best freshman flute player.. if she didn't get nervous, but we'll work on that. We'll make you play your solo infront of the school... in a bathing suite. Yeah! That'll work!" God, I miss you so damn much.
Last week he took a leave. Everyone thought it was another family emergency. Even I found myself looking forward to his return. Today Veenstra announced his resign for personal reasons and everyone's upset. I didn't talk to him much, but I dropped my jaw in disbelief. Everyone. Everyone was shocked. Nothing moved, even the percussionists managed not to drop a stick on the mallets.
I'm still shocked. My God. How could you just... leave? Not even say goodbye?
This was poorly written, sorry. But I'm just shocked beyond belief. Oh and thanks for reading.
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