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Friday, August 10, 2007

Ug Profiles! and "New song"

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Thank you zappp and team! You guys kick ass! Like someone else said, this seems Myspacey, but should be fun haha.

Well, if you haven't checked it out, check it out. It's called Cough Drop Overdose and I wrote it last year or a year and a half ago, and recorded it last February. It's nice to be able to record stuff and track your progress. It really cool to listen to it again. Since then, my ability has improved somewhat, and I've been writing some new material. It seems to take me forever to finish a song :D

I'll be recording soon. If you're interested, expect a new song within a month!
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wannabe jesus wrote on Aug 17th, 2007 9:05am

How come the post date is Friday August 10th? Did mods and CCs get their mits on this bounty before the pubic? :p .

Nice instrumental by the way. I'm digging it and give it a kudo.


kirbyrocknrolla wrote on Aug 17th, 2007 10:22pm

Yep. In the secret forum, the mods were told to invite a few people to test it out :)

Ty, btw.


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