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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Studio Update #1

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So it's Midnight in Seattle,and we just got done recording the pre-production tracks for our new album, now entitled "In Absence of Anxiety". Right now we have 9 tracks confirmed for the album,the following are:
1. Wolves In Northern Darkness
2. He Who Calls Thy Name
3. Cthulhu & Friends
4. Dementia Dimensions
5. Human Infestation
6. Deformity of Christ
7. I Am Pestilence
8. Dismember the Shepherd
9. In Absence of Anxiety

We are going into CheetosShock Studios,sometime before Christmas, to begin recording the album,in a some-what professional studio. The album is expected to be out sometime in the Spring of '11. There will be more updates coming soon,including videos shot from the studio.

Keep it brutal!

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