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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going into the studio

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My band,Thy Ataraxis, is entering the studio next week to record our second full length 'Through the Eyes of a Tyrant'. Right now,we have 5 songs written for it, and we're recording this full length out of our rehearsal space. We're buying mixers,mics,new software,and a mini fridge full of Sprite, Monster, Rockstar, Dr.Pepper, and Hungry Man TV Dinners. We will have all of our laptops/web cams with us,and there will be a Skype page made soon, so that you guys (the Fans!) can talk with us, and ask us questions about the new material.

Here are the songs we have written as of know:
- Through the Eyes of a Tyrant
- Fourth Floor
- All Hell Is Loose
- He Who Calls Thy Name
- Skeletor & Friends

We're working on 2 other new songs. Right now,our new shit is sounding really old school Entombed & Carcass inspired,but still has a modern-Death Metal/Melodic Death metal essence to it.If you were a fan of our first EP 'Grind Pigs', you're gonna love the fuck out of this one!
More updates coming soon guys!
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