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Ebshabutiee (2)
Monday, April 06, 2009

Elements: Part IV-V

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Part IV: dance, monkey, dance


we’ve had this date from the beginning...


We are the cigarette ash at the bottom

of the glass, the last drawn-out gasp.

You and I share a dream called life;

the curtain falls, the seats abandoned

long before the last lonely applause

rings out.

You’re so beautiful when you’re dying

so clapclapclap your hands and

stampstampstamp your feet.

The canary’s flown, the cage


hangs lonely above my head as

stars fall so gracefully.


And sometimes I wish I could take

what’s left of my bones, what’s left of my skin

and sew it together into something


something complete.


so dance, monkey, dance.

dance for the dead, dance for the living,

dance for that banana on a string,

the temptation drawing you forward.

Dance, monkey, dance

cause no one wants to dance alone.



Part V:  this’ll be the day that I die


I watched the moon rise over santa rose airport

watched the silver rain down on the runway

I tasted paradise for seventeen minutes

now the rest of my life is pain.

I wrestled sunshine from the bottom of a glass

I drained the last of my life through the flask now broken on the floor,

crank the volume, draw the curtains

the circus is leaving town.

and the three men that I admire the most

are eating scrambled eggs and charcoaled toast

they’re burning down the Sunday roast in the park

as the children all scream, they’re life is a dream.


Saturday sun drips down through my skin

Sunday night is hitting me hard

Monday runs a knife in the back of my brain

Tuesday’s got me by the arm again.

Wednesday I go out drinking

Thursday drains the last of the life from my veins

Come Friday I’ll be writing the last of the lines on the wall,

quote after quote I will scream:

“Farewell, American Dream

Turns out your not as strong as you seem

and they’re sharing a toast in heaven tonight

over the falling of the last great Age

Drove my chevy to the end of the road, stalled the engine

the cliff never saw it coming.

And as the last of the stars bid adieu to the night, I’ll say:

This will be the day that I die.”

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Ebshabutiee wrote on Apr 7th, 2009 10:46pm

I loved the ending.
part IV felt frantic, like a breakdown in a song, and V just finished it up so nicely.

and thanks for the comment on my piece, whether it was completely sincere or not it was nice. Felt like everybody was look at it as if they payed money to see and didn't get their end of the deal, instead of just looking at it; like a Picasso.


kdownesa wrote on Apr 7th, 2009 10:51pm

It was very much sincere, Erik. And thank you very much, that's what I intended.


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